What I Ate in Malaysia and Singapore! | Asia Vacation Vlog

Sharing the most unforgettable moments (ie the food!) of my initially time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Singapore!

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33 thoughts on “What I Ate in Malaysia and Singapore! | Asia Vacation Vlog”

  1. My mom loves the king of the fruits, aka durian! She grew up in the PI (But isn't filipino by blood) & it's what she says she misses the most is the fresh durian & other fresh fruits. She says it just doesn't taste the same here in America.

  2. Lol we must have been in Malaysia the same time I just got back after two weeks there. Yes I already miss the food there, American cuisine is not traditionally vegetarian friendly, but Malaysia had so many vegetarian options. My in-laws live there so I will definitely be going back.

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