Butter Rooster Recipe | Jamie & Maunika

Jamie introduces the superb Maunika Gowardhan to the Food stuff Tube household with a bang, as she teaches him how to grasp the most tasty and tender Indian butter rooster recipe. Recreate the tandoor sense right in your have residence. This’ll certainly make you think two times ahead of obtaining get out…

It truly is not frequently you see Jamie becoming taught recipes on Food stuff Tube, but this ideal approach blew his socks off, it truly is a must!

Recipe below:

You can discover this recipe and other individuals on Maunika’s brilliant site:

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39 thoughts on “Butter Rooster Recipe | Jamie & Maunika”

  1. Indians say "western food is the best!"
    Westerners say "Indian food is the best! "
    Bangladeshis say " Bengali food is the best!"
    Asians say "*incomprehensible words to me*"

  2. Hmmm, can't figure out why whole cloves are left in. That would wreck the meal if I bit into one of those. Are you supposed to just keep an eye out for them and try not to bite into them? This looks awesome

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