Tasting RAMEN Instantaneous NOODLES From Around the World!

We bought ramen instant noodles from close to the entire world and providing them all a consider to see which just one is the best.

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35 thoughts on “Tasting RAMEN Instantaneous NOODLES From Around the World!”

  1. Now that they say that American noodles are the worst I really want to try other noodles. Cause I’ve honestly always liked American noodles cause I grew up on them. I need to know what I’m missing!!

  2. Way back in elementary school my asian friend would always bring mama noodles to snack on during recess and got me into snacking on dry ramen noodles…and the teachers would ALWAYS tell us "YOU'RE GOING TO GET WORMS EATING NOODLES LIKE THAT!" lol

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