Traveling SOUTHEAST ASIA – Route / Funds / Food items / Guidelines

📍Everything you want to know if you are heading to backpack Southeast Asia

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Backpack we used

Periods FOR THE Subjects:

5:08 Route Overview
5:42 The Funds
7:29 Accommodation
8:14 Vacation/ Transportation
12:16 The Foodstuff
13:11 Overall Tips


33 thoughts on “Traveling SOUTHEAST ASIA – Route / Funds / Food items / Guidelines”

  1. Avoid Malaysia. It's a hypocrite Islamic nation where people love Western music and clothings but hate white people describing them as bastard infidels. They are also propagating and sponsoring jihad and Islamic terrorism all over SE Asia so their nation of towel heads will appear prosperous and peaceful. Malaysian males will decapitate white people in belief that it will assure them of 72 virgins in heaven. Meanwhile Malaysian females will cut white man's dick in the name of Mohammed and Jihad.

  2. Hey guys! im going to SEA for about 5 weeks, im doing thailand but dont know what else to do, dont know if philippines is worth the money for the flights, im going in january and saw that the flights cost about 500 dollars. do i go there o go somewere else? Hope u see the msj!

  3. Hey guys,

    Live your videos, they are SO helpful!

    Just one question, when did you travel SEA? I'm planning going for 5-6 month and hope to avoid the rainy season. Obviously I expect to see some rain but I don't want it to be raining in every county I go to!


  4. it seems u havent enjoyed the Philippines. Hope u could visit again the Philippines especially the more stunning places like the 2000 years old Banaue Rice Terraces and the smallest volcano in the world-Taal Volcano. We have all the landscapes that Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia combined. We dont have temples here but we have 300-500 yrs old Baroque Catholic churches here and plenty of icons way back from the Spanish era.

  5. I also want to do an asia trip but only have 3 to 4 Months. I will start in Thailand. Which countries would you recommend to go after if you only could pick 3 of your destinations?

  6. Awesome video, and video series! We are currently living in China making travel videos, but plan on a SE Asia trip at the end of the year. This video and your whole series is very inspirational. Thanks guys!

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