A bord d’un meals-truck

A bord d’un meals-truck

Véritables petits restaurants ambulants, les meals-truck deviennent de furthermore en furthermore tendances. Ils sont six à se poser ça et là dans l’agglomération clermontoise. Reportage à l’intérieur de l’un d’entre eux.


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Timeline Of Binary Prefixes

Timeline Of Binary Prefixes



J.W. Tukey coins the word bit as an abbreviation of “binary digit”.


Reference to Tukey’s “bit” is made in a paper by information theorist Claude Shannon.


In the 1950s, “1 kilobit” meant “1000 bits”:

“In the ’50s, amazingly enough—and only total coincidence—I actually was given the job of writing the operational specifications [] They handed me this thing and said, “You’re going to define how the hand-over process works between direction centers,” and—and I had no idea what they were talking about. But we had… uh… one-kilobit lines connecting the direction centers and I thought, “Good God! 1,000 bits a second. Well, wel surely be able to figure out something to do with that.” Saverah Warenstein


The first magnetic core memory, from the IBM 405 Alphabetical Accounting Machine, is tested successfully in April 1952. (The image shows 1012 cores; presumably one of 8)

“Teaming up with a more experienced engineer, [Mike Haynes] built a core memory with just enough capacity to store all the information in an IBM punched card: 960 bits in an 8012 array. In May 1952 it was successfully tested as a data buffer between a Type 405 alphabetical accounting machine and a Type 517 summary punch. This first functional test of a ferrite core memory was made in the same month that a four-times smaller 16×16-bit ferrite core array was successfully tested at MIT.”

The IBM 701 computer, containing 72 Williams tubes of 1024 bits each, is released in April.

Principles of Operation does not seem to use “kilobit” anywhere. Specifies that memory tubes (IBM 706) hold 1024 bits each, drum memories (IBM 731) hold 2048 words each.

The IBM 737 optional magnetic core storage stores 4,096 words. Each plane stored 1616 = 4,096 bits.


The IBM 704 manual uses decimal arithmetic for powers of two, without prefixes

“Magnetic core storage units are available with capacities of either 4,096 or 32,768 core storage registers; or two magnetic core storage units, each with a capacity of 4,096 core storage registers, may be used. Thus, magnetic core storage units are available to give the calculator a capacity of 4,096, 8,192, or 32,768 core storage registers.”

“Each drum has a storage capacity of 2048 words.”



The IBM 702 Preliminary Manual of Information uses decimal arithmetic for powers of ten, without prefixes.

“Electrostatic memory is the principal storage medium within the machine. It consists of cathode ray tubes which can store up to 10,000 characters of information in the form of electrostatic charges…. Additional storage, as required, may be provided through the use of magnetic drum storage units, each having a capacity of 60,000 characters.”

“A character may be a letter of the alphabet, a decimal number, or any of eleven different punctuation marks or symbols used in report printing.”

“Each one of the 10,000 positions of memory is numbered from 0000 to 9999 and each stored character must occupy one of these positions.” (page 8)


The word byte is coined by Dr. Werner Buchholz in July 1956, during the early design phase for the IBM Stretch computer.

IBM 650 RAMAC announcement

“The 650 RAMAC combines the IBM 650 Magnetic Drum Data Processing Machine with a series of disk memory units which are capable of storing a total of 24-million digits. The 305 RAMAC is an entirely new machine which contains its own input and output devices and processing unit as well as a built-in 5-million-digit disk memory.”



The IBM 705 Operating manual uses decimal arithmetic for powers of ten, without prefixes.

“A total of 40,000 characters can be stored within the main storage unit of the Type 705.”

“Each one of the 40,000 positions in memory is numbered from 0000 to 39,999.” (page 17)

“One or more magnetic drums are available as optional equipment with a capacity of 60,000 characters each.”

Lewis, W.D., Coordinated broadband mobile telephone system

Earliest instance of “kilobit” in both IEEE explore and Google Scholar: “Central controls the mobile link with a rate of 20 kilobits per second, or less”.


The term 32k is introduced to mean one of “approximately 32 x 1000” or “exactly 32 x 1024”.

Real, P. (September 1959). “A generalized analysis of variance program utilizing binary logic.”. ACM ’59: Preprints of papers presented at the 14th national meeting of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM Press): pg 781 – 785. doi:10.1145/612201.612294. “On a 32k core size 704 computer, approximately 28,000 datum may be analyzed, without resorting to auxiliary tape storage.”.  The author is with the Westinghouse Electric Corporation.




U.S. Patent 3,214,691 Frequency Diversity Communications System is filed on May 13, 1960:

“In actual construction, the delay line, which provides a total delay from one end to the other of one baud (10 microseconds for a 100 kilobit per second information rate), may be fabricated from lumped parameter elements, i.e., inductors and capacitors, in a well-known manner.”

“At a 100 kilobit per second information rate, both mark and space signals will generally be transmitted in any 0.0001 sec, interval, and therefore this requirement is easily met with conventional resistors and capacitors.”


Gruenberger, Fred (October 1960). “Letters to the Editor”. Communications of the ACM 3 (10). doi:10.1145/367415.367419. http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/367415.367419. 

The 8K core stores were getting fairly common in this country in 1954. The 32K store started mass production in 1956; it is the standard now for large machines and at least 200 machines of the size (or its equivalent in the character addressable machines) are in existence today (and at least 100 were in existence in mid-1959).


A search of the Computer History Museum’s Stretch collection of 931 text documents dated from September 1955 through September 1961 shows no usage of k or K to describe main storage size.


Gray, L; R Graham (1961). Radio Transmitters. New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0070242402. http://www.danglaeserbooks.com/si/1286.html. “In the case of the transmission of business-machine or telemetered data, it is more usual to express the speed in bits or kilobits (1,000 bits) per second.” 

Quoted in OED as first instance of “kilobit”, though “it is more usual” suggests it is already in common use (see timeline entry for 1957)

February 17

Described device contains 512 words, 24 bits each (=12,288 bits)


“It is no longer reasonable to spend as much time to transmit an 80 bit address as 12 kilobits of message information-a 1500 to 1 ratio…. We have theoretically and experimentally proved that speech can be compressed from the straightforward requirement for 48 kilobit PCM channel capability to 2400 bits by the application of the Dudley syllabic vocoder.”


The IBM 7090 Data Processing System, Additional Core Storage (65K means “approximately 65000”)

“The Additional Core Storage feature for the IBM 7090 Data Processing System provides a second IBM 7302 Core Storage, increasing the capacity of main storage by 32,768 words. The block of storage represented by both 7302 units is referred to as “main storage unit.”

“Additional core storage provides two methods of using main storage: (1) The 65K modehe computer program is enabled to address both of the main storage units, and (2) the 32K modehe computer program is able to address only one storage unit, so that main storage capacity available to that program is effectively 32,768 words.”

The IBM 1410 Data Processing System uses decimal arithmetic for powers of ten, without prefixes

“Core storage units are available in 10,000-, 20,000- or 40,000-character position capacities.”

“The matrix switch makes it possible to address any one of the 100 X-drive lines (in a 10K core array).”

“The 40K core array requires 40,000 valid five-position addresses from 0,000 to 39,999.”

“This operation check detects errors in programming that cause invalid addresses. Examples: 40,000-and-above on a 40K core array; 20,000-and-above on a 20K core array. On a 10K core array, invalid addresses are detected by the address-bus validity check.”


A reference to a “4k IBM 1401” meant 4,000 characters of storage (memory).



Ludwig uses kilobit in the decimal sense

DEC Serial Drum Type 24

“Drums are equipped to store either 64, 128, or 256 data blocks, providing a memory capability of 16384, 32768, or 65536 computer words” (no abbreviations)


Honeywell 200 Summary Description

“The main memory is a magnetic core … The memory unit supplied as part of the basic central processor has a capacity of 2,048 characters, each of which is stored in a separate, addressable, memory location. This capacity may be expanded in modular increments by adding one 2,048-character module and additional 4,096-character modules.”

“Random access disc file and control (disc capacities of up to 100 million characters are available.)”

“Up to eight drum storage units can be connected to the Model 270 Random Access Drum Control. Each drum provides storage for 2,621,441 characters, allowing a total capacity of approximately 21 million characters.”


Gene Amdahl’s seminal April 1964 article on IBM System/360 used 1K to mean 1024.

Leng, Gordon Bell, et al., use K in the binary sense:

“The computer has two blocks of 4K, 18-bit words of memory, (1K=1024 words), attached to its central processor”

Falkin, Joel (May 1963). “Sorting with large volume, random access, drum storage”. Communications of the ACM archive 6 (5): 240244. doi:10.1145/366552.366580. “The Teleregister Telefile data processor includes drum storage whose capacity is far in excess of the requirements for sorting. … The Telefile data processor provides 16,000 positions in memory, each position storing one binary coded decimal character. A floating accumulator arrangement allows the accumulator to contain any field in memory from 1 to 100 characters in length. All indexing is accomplished programmatically. Input and output tape blocking is fixed at 300 characters per block.”. 

IBM Data Processing Division press release distributed on April 7, 1964.

“System/360 core storage memory capacity ranges from 8,000 characters of information to more than 8,000,000.”

IBM 7090/7094 Support Package for IBM System/360 – November

“An IBM 1401 Data Processing System with the following minimum configuration is also required: 1. 4K positions of core storage” U.S. Patent 3,317,902 – ADDRESS SELECTION CONTROL APPARATUS – Filed April 6, 1964

‘To facilitate understanding of the invention, the main storage area has been illustrated as being of 8K capacity; however, it is to be understood that the main storage area may be of larger capacity (e.g., 16K, 32K or 64K) by storing address selection control data in bit positions “2,” “1” and “0” of M register 197, respectively.’


Wilkes, M.V. (April 1965). “Slave Memories and Dynamic Storage Allocation”. Electronic Computers, IEEE Transactions on EC-14 (2): pg. 270271. doi:10.1109/PGEC.1965.263967.  “One method of designing a slave memory for instructions is as follows. Suppose that the main memory has 64K words (where K=1024) and, therefore, 16 address bits, and that the slave memory has 32 words and, therefore, 5 address bits.”

IBM 1620 CPU Model 1 System Reference Library, dated 7/19/65, states:

“A core storage module, which is 20,000 addressable positions of magnetic core storage, is located in the 1620. Two additional modules are available … Each core storage module (20,000 positions) is made up of 12 core planes as shown in Figure 3. Each core plane contains all cores for a specific bit value.”


U.S. Patent 3,435,420 CONTIGUOUS BULK STORAGE ADDRESSING is filed on Jan 3, 1966

‘Note that “K” as used herein indicates “thousands.” Each storage location in the present embodiment includes 64 data bits and 8 related parity bits, as described herein.’

“Thus, if only storage unit 1A were provided, it would contain addresses 0 through 32K; storage IB would include addresses between 32K and 64K, storage 2A would contain addresses between 64K and 96K, …”


IBM 1401 Simulator for IBM OS/360

“1401 features supported are advanced programming, sense switches, tapes, multiply, divide, 16K core, and all standard instructions except Select Stacker.”

“1401 core is simulated by 16,000 bytes of S/360 core obtained dynamically.”

“Enough core must be available to allow at least 70K for a problem program area. If tape simulation is not required, this core requirement may be reduced to 50K with the removal of the tape Buffer area.”

U.S. Patent 3,638,185 HIGH DENSITY PERMANENT DATA STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM is filed on March 17, 1969 earliest Google Patent search containing “kilobyte”)

“The data word processor 606 handles the inflow and out-flow of byte-oriented input/output data and interleaved signals at a rate of, for example, 500 kilobytes per second. Instruction processing rates of four to eight per microsecond are required for such a data flow.”

U.S. Patent 3,618,041 Memory Control System is filed on Oct 29, 1969

“FIG. 2a shows a practical example of an operand address which consists of, for example 24 bits. It is assumed herein that each block includes 32 bytes, each sector includes 1 kilobyte, the buffer memory 116 includes 4 kilobytes, and read data is represented by one double word or 64 bits, as one word in this case consists of 32 bits.”

IBM System/360 Component Descriptions (IBM 2314 Direct Access Storage Facility)

“Each module can store 29.17 million bytes or 58.35 million packed decimal digits … total on-line storage capacity is 233.4 million bytes”

DEC PDP-11 Handbook

“PDP-11 addressing modes include . . . and direct addressing to 32K words” (Page 2) This appears to be the only use of K in this manual, though; elsewhere sizes are spelled out in full. Contrast the 1973 PDP-11/40 Manual, which defines K as 1024. (Below)



“The following are excerpts from an IBM Data Processing Division press technical fact sheet distributed on June 30, 1970.

Users of the Model 165 will have a choice of five main core storage sizes, ranging from 512,000 to over 3-million bytes. Seven main memory sizes are available for the Model 155, ranging from 256,000 to over 2-million bytes.”

First 1,024-bit DRAM chip, the Intel 1103.

Weiler, Paul W.; Richard S. Kopp, Richard G. Dorman (May 1970). “A Real-Time Operating System for Manned Spaceflight”. Computers , IEEE Transactions on 19 (5): 388398. doi:10.1109/T-C.1970.222936. ISSN=0018-9340.  “Each of the five system/360 model 75 computers (Fig. 2) has one megabyte of primary core storage plus four megabytes of large core storage (LCS, IBM 2361).”


IBM System/360 Operating System: Storage Estimates

“System/360 Configuration: Model 40 with 64K bytes of storage and storage protection”

Contains a lot of examples of “30K”, “136K”, “next highest multiple of 2K”, “The maximum buffer size is 64K bytes”, and the like. There are also calculations, which could be used to determine their precise meaning; however, the letter “K” is sometimes used as a variable in this document (see page 23).



Lin and Mattson introduce the term Mbyte.

Lin, Yeong; Mattson, Richard (September 1972). “Cost-performance evaluation of memory hierarchies”. Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on (IEEE) 8 (3): pg 390392. doi:10.1109/TMAG.1972.1067329. http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/freeabs_all.jsp?tp=&arnumber=1067329&isnumber=22917. “Also, random access devices are advantageous over serial access devices for backing store applications only when the memory capacity is less than 1 Mbyte. For capacities of 4 Mbyte and 16 Mbyte serial access stores with shift register lengths of 256 bit and 1024 bit, respectively, look favorable.”. 


Habib, Stanley (October 1973). “Notes from industry”. ACM SIGMICRO Newsletter (ACM Press) 4 (3): pg 29. doi:10.1145/1217132.1217137. .

OCEANPORT, N.J., SEPT. 25, 1973 — A 16-bit minicomputer priced at under $2,000.00 in quantities and a 32-bit minicomputer priced at under $6,000.00 in quantities were introduced today by Interdata, Inc. The 16-bit mini, the Model 7/16, includes an 8KB memory unit in its basic configuration, and will be available for delivery in the first quarter of 1974. The single unit price of the 7/16 is $3,200.00. The 32-bit mini, the Model 7/32, includes a 32KB memory unit and will be available for delivery in the second quarter of 1974. The single unit price of the 7/32 is $9,950.00.

DEC PDP-11/40 Manual

“Direct addressing of 32K 16-bit words or 64K 8-bit bytes (K = 1024)” (Page 1-1) Contrast the 1969 PDP-11 Handbook, which avoids this usage almost everywhere. (Above)


The seminal 1974 Winchester HDD article which makes extensive use of Mbytes with M being used in the conventional, 106 sense. Arguably all of todays HDD’s derive from this technology.

The October 1974 CDC Product Line Card unambiguous uses MB to characterize HDD capacity in millions of bytes.


Byte Magazine Dec 1975 article on IBM 5100 includes the following:

“User memory starts at 16K bytes in the minimum configuration and can be expanded to 64K bytes (65,536).”

Gordon Bell uses the term megabytes:

Bell, Gordon; Strecker, William (November 1975). “Computer structures: What have we learned from the PDP-11?” (PDF). ISCA ’76: Proceedings of the 3rd annual symposium on Computer architecture (ACM Press): pg 114. http://research.microsoft.com/~gbell/Digital/Bell_Strecker_What_we _learned_fm_PDP-11c 7511.pdf. “memory size (8k bytes to 4 megabytes).”. 


DEC RK05/RK05J/RK05F disk drive maintenance manual

“Bit Capacities (unformatted)” “25 million” | “50 million” (57,600 bits/ track * 406 | 812 tracks = 23,385,600 | 46,771,200 bits

The Memorex 1976 annual report has 10 instances of the use of megabyte to describe storage devices and media.

Caleus Model 206-306 Maintenance Manual uses 3MB to characterize a drive having 3,060,000 bytes capacity.

The first 5 1/4 inch floppy disk drive, the Shugart SA 400, is introduced in August 1976. The drive had 35 tracks and was single sided. The data sheet gives the unformatted capacity as 3125 bytes per track for a total of 109.4 Kbytes (3125 x 35 = 109,375). When formatted with 256 byte sectors and 10 sectors per track the capacity is 89.6 Kbytes (256 x 10 x 35 = 89,600).


HP 7905A Disc Drive Operator’s Manual

“nearly 15 million bytes” with no other abbreviations

1977 Disk/Trend Report – Rigid Disk Drives, published June 1977

This first edition of the annual report on the hard disk drive industry makes extensive use of MB as 106 bytes. The industry, in 1977, is segmented into nine segments ranging from “Disk Cartridge Drives, up to 12 MB” to “Fixed Disk Drives, over 200 MB.” While the categories changed during the next 22 years of publication, Disk/Trend, the principal marketing study of the hard disk drive industry always and consistently categorized the industry in segments using prefixes M and later G in the decimal sense.

VAX11/780 Architecture Handbook 1977-78. Copyright 1977 Digital Equipment Corporation.

Page 2-1 “physical address space of 1 gigabyte (30 bits of address)” The initial hardware was limited to 2 M bytes of memory utilizing the 4K MOS RAM chips. The VAX11/780 handbooks use M byte and Mbyte in the same paragraph.


DEC RM02/03 Adapter Technical Description Manual

“The RM02 or RM03 Disk Drive (Figure 1-1) is an 80M byte (unformatted; 67M byte formatted) storage device in the 16-bit format, the maximum storage capacity is 33,710,080 data words per disk pack” (33,710,080 * 16/8 = 67,420,160 8-bit bytes)


Fujitsu M228X Manual

“Storage capacity (unformatted)” “67.4 MB”, “84.2 MB”, etc.

“20,480 Bytes” per track, 4 tracks per cylinder, 808+15 cylinders = 67,420,160 bytes

Sperry Univac Series V77 Microcomputer Systems Brochure, Circa 1978, Printed July 1979

Page 5: Table list memory options as 64KB, 128KB, and 256KB. Memory Expansion is up to 2048KB

Page 9: “Memory for the V77-800 is available in 128K byte and 256K byte increments up to a maximum of 2 megabytes “

Page 21: Moving Head Disks – units up to 232 million byte disk pack systems. Diskette – storage of 0.5 MB per drive.

The following statistics were taken from the Dec 1979 editions of Byte Magazine and Datamation. The first number is the number of articles or advertisements that used any variant of megabyte for HDDs or Main memory while the second number is the total number of times it was used in the advertisement or article.


Used In Decimal Sense

Used In Binary Sense


1 / 1


9 / 12

1 / 1

MByte or M Byte

3 /10


5 / 18


2 / 2

1 / 3


1 / 1


20 / 43

2 / 4



Shugart Associates Product Brochure, published Jun 1980 specifies the capacity of its two HDDs using megabytes and MB in a decimal sense, e.g. SA1000 formated capacity is stated as “8.4 MB” and is actually 256321024 = 8,388,608 bytes.

Shugart Associates SA410/460 Data Sheet published Oct 1980 contains capacity specifications as follows:

Formatted Capacity


Single/Double Density


Single/Double Density

Per Disk

204.8/409.6 KBytes

409.6/819.2 KBytes

Per Surface

204.8/409.6 KBytes

204.8/409.6 KBytes

Per Track

2.56/5.12 KBytes

2.56/5.12 KBytes




Shugart Associates was one of the companies that invented the 5″ FD using K in a decimal sense.

Note that the same data sheet uses MByte in a decimal sense.


8086 Object Module Formats

“The 8086 MAS is 1 megabyte (1,048,576)”

Quantum Q2000 8″ Media Fixed Disk Drive Service Manual

“four models … the Q2010 having an unformatted 10.66 Mb capacity on one disk platter and two heads, the … 21.33 Mb … 32.00 Mb … 42.66 Mb”

(1024 tracks “10.40Kb” per track = 10649 “Kb”, which they write as “10.66Mb”, so 1 “Mb” = 1000 “Kb”)

(256 Bytes per sector, 32 Sectors/tk = 8192 bytes, which they write as “8.20Kb” per track)

“Storage capacity of 10, 20, 30, or 40 megabytes”

“4.34M bits/second transfer rate”

Apple Disk III data sheet

“Formated Data Capacity: 140K bytes”

Apple uses K is a binary sense since the actual formated capacity is 35 tracks * 16 Sectors * 256 bytes = 140 KiB = 143.360 kB


Brochure for the IBM Personal Computer (PC)

“User memory: 16KB to more than 512KB”, “single-sided 160KB or double-sided 320KB diskette drives”

IBM (July 1982). Technical Reference: Personal Computer Hardware Reference Library (Revised ed.). IBM Corp.. pp. page 293. 6025008. 

“The drives are soft sectored, single or double sided, with 40 tracks per side. They are Modified Frequency Modulation (MFM) coded in 512 byte sectors, giving a formatted capacity of 163,840 bytes per drive for single sided and 327,680 bytes per drive for double sided.”

Seagate ST 506/412 OEM Manual

“Total formatted capacity … is 5/10 megabytes (32 sectors per track, 256 bytes per sector, 612/1224 tracks)”


IBM S/360 S/370 Principles Of Operation GA22-7000 includes as statement:

“In this publication, the letters K, M and G denote the multipliers 210, 220 and 230 respectively. Although the letters are borrowed from the decimal system and stand for kilo 103, mega 106 and giga 109 they do not have decimal meaning but instead present the power of 2 closest to the corresponding power of 10.”

IBM 341 4-inch Diskette Drive

unformatted capacity “358,087 bytes”

“Total unformatted capacity (in kilobytes): 358.0”

Maxtor XT-1000 brochure

“Capacity, unformatted” 9.57 MB per surface = 10,416 bytes per track * 918 tracks per surface = 9,561,888 byte (decimal MB)

Shugart Associates SA300/350 Data Sheet published circa Nov 1983 (one of the first MIC standard 3.5″ FDDs) contains capacity specifications as follows:

Formatted Capacity

Single Sided

Single/Double Density

Double Sided

Single/Double Density

Per Disk

204.8/409.6 kbytes

409.6/819.2 kbytes

Per Surface

204.8/409.6 kbytes

204.8/409.6 kbytes

Per Track

2.56/5.12 kbytes

2.56/5.12 kbytes




Shugart Associates, one of the leading FD companies used k in a decimal sense.


The Macintosh Operating System is an early, if not the earliest, operating system consistently using SI prefixes in a binary sense.

In the original 1984 Apple Macintosh ad, page 8, Apple characterized its 3 floppy disk as “400K,” that is, 800512 byte sectors or 409,600 bytes = 400 KiB. Screenshots of Macintosh Finder shows the same usage of K in the Ki sense. Similarly, the February 1984 Byte Magazine review describes the FD as “400K bytes”.


Apple IIgs introduced September 1986

ProDos16 uses MB in a binary sense.

Similar usage in “ProDOS Technical Reference Manual” (c) 1985, p. 5 & p. 163

Digital Large System Mass Storage Handbook (c) dated Sep 1986

“GByte: An abbreviation for one billion (one thousand million) bytes.” p. 442

“M: An abbreviation for one million. Typically combined with a unit of measure, such as bytes (MBytes), or Hertz (MHz).” p444


Seagate Universal Installation Handbook

ST125 listed as 21 “Megabytes” formatted capacity, later document seems to confirm that this is decimal

Disk/Trend Report – Rigid Disk Drives, October 1987

First use of GB in a decimal sense in this HDD marketing survey; Figure 1 states “FIXED DISK DRIVES more than 1 GB” market size as $10,786.6 million.

Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (1987) has binary definitions for kilobyte and megabyte.

kilobyte n [from the fact that 1024 (210) is the power of 2 closest to 1000] (1970): 1024 bytes

megabyte n (1970): 1,048,576 bytes


Imprimis Wren VII 5 Inch Rigid Disk Drive Data Sheet, printed 11/88

“Capacity of 1.2 gigabyte (GB)”


IBM Enterprise Systems Architecture/370, Reference Summary (GX20-0406-0), p50 (the last page), has a two table, one to recap the decimal value of power of 2 and 16 to 260, and one that read:




1,024 = 210


1,048,576 = 220


1,073,741,824 = 230

Electronic News, Sep 25, “Market 1.5GB Drives”

“Imprimis and Maxtor are the only two drive makers to offer the new generation of drives in the 1.5GB capacity range”

“IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Hitachi and Micropolis are expected to enter the market for 1.5GB capacity”




“512K of memory”


DEC RA90/RA92 Disk Drive Service Manual

“Storage capacity, formatted” “1.216 gigabytes”


Micropolis 1528 Rigid Disk Drive Product Description

“1.53 GBytes” … “Up to 1.53 gigabytes (unformatted) per drive” “MBytes/Unit: 1531.1” (210048,60815 = 1,531,152,000)


Microsoft Windows 3.11 File Manager uses MB in a binary sense.


Micropolis 4410 Disk Drive Information

“1,052 MB Formatted Capacity”

“Unformatted Per Drive 1,205 MB” (133.85 MB per surface, 9 read-write heads)



FOLDOC defines the exabyte (1 EB) as 1024 petabytes (1024 PB), with petabyte used in the binary sense of 10245 B.



FOLDOC defines the zettabyte (1 ZB) as 1024 exabytes (1024 EB) and the yottabyte (1 YB) as 1024 zettabytes (1024 ZB).


IEC introduces unambigous prefixes for binary multiples (KiB, MiB, GiB etc.), reserving kB, MB, GB and so on for their decimal sense.



IBM, z/Architecture, Reference Summary

Page 59, list the power of 2 and 16, and their decimal value. There is a column name ‘Symbol’, which list K(kilo), M(mega), G(giga), T(tera), P(peta) and E(exa) for the power of 2 of, respectively, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60

Peuhkuri adopts IEC prefixes in his paper at the 2001 Internet Measurement Conference: “… allows maximum size of 224 that requires 1 GiB of RAM … or acknowledgement numer [sic] is within 32 KiB range. … on a PC with Celeron processor with 512 MiB of memory … “


2004 revision of IEEE Standard Letter Symbols for Units of Measurement (SI Units, Customary Inch-Pound Units, and Certain Other Units), IEEE Std 260.1, incorporates IEC definitions for KiB, MiB etc, reserving the symbols kB, MB etc for their decimal counterparts.



IEC prefixes are adopted by the IEEE after a two-year trial period.

On March 19, 2005 the IEEE standard IEEE 1541-2002 (Prefixes for Binary Multiples) was elevated to a full-use standard by the IEEE Standards Association after a two-year trial period.


Windows Vista uses the traditional binary conventions (e.g., 1 KB = 1024 bytes, 1 MB = 1048576 bytes) for file and drive sizes, and for data rates[citation needed]

xxK or xxM convention in common use anywhere?

GParted uses IEC prefixes for partition sizes

Advanced Packaging Tool and Synaptic Package Manager use standard SI prefixes for file sizes

BitTornado uses IEC prefixes for file sizes and standard SI prefixes for data rates

IBM uses “exabyte” to mean 10246 bytes. “Each address space, called a 64-bit address space, is 16 exabytes (EB) in size; an exabyte is slightly more than one billion gigabytes. The new address space has logically 264 addresses. It is 8 billion times the size of the former 2-gigabyte address space, or 18,446,744,073,709,600,000 bytes.”


NIST guidelines require use of IEC prefixes KiB, MiB … (and not kB, MB) for binary byte multiples

p29, he names and symbols for the prefixes corresponding to 2 10 , 2 20 , 2 30 , 2 40 , 2 50 , and 2 60 are, respectively: kibi, Ki; mebi, Mi; gibi, Gi; tebi, Ti; pebi, Pi; and exbi, Ei. Thus, for example, one kibibyte is also written as 1 KiB = 2 10 B = 1024 B, where B denotes the unit byte. Although these prefixes are not part of the SI, they should be used in the field of information technology to avoid the non-standard usage of the SI prefixes.


Apple Inc. uses the SI decimal definitions for capacity (e.g., 1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes) in the Mac OS X v10.6 operating system to conform with standards body recommendations and avoid conflict with hard drive manufacturers’ specifications.


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Categories: Computing timelines | Units of informationHidden categories: Articles needing cleanup from April 2008 | All pages needing cleanup | History of Science articles needing expert attention | Articles needing expert attention from May 2008 | All articles needing expert attention | All articles with unsourced statements | Articles with unsourced statements from September 2009

Source by vivi

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Breakfasts | American Young ones Try out Foodstuff From All-around the Entire world | Ep 1

Breakfasts | American Young ones Try out Foodstuff From All-around the Entire world | Ep 1

Exclusive thanks to our buddies at for assisting us get a true chef for this job! Download their app ( to get these and other brilliant recipes.

Motivated by the NY Situations Post ( we requested American little ones to attempt breakfasts from all-around the earth.

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Food Brings Individuals With each other

Food Brings Individuals With each other

We all eat commonly 3 times a working day (sometimes much more). But some people today are so occupied they never even think about it. They just come across one thing seriously quick and transfer on as a result of their working day. But food items is so a great deal much more than one thing we eat. Food delivers people today together and below are a couple of the numerous means it does so.

1) Eating Supper All around the Table: At the end of the working day all people is tired and wants to withdraw to their own rooms. Families should really motivate feeding on meal all-around the desk if not each individual night time, at minimum after a 7 days. Collecting all-around the desk with food items encourages team interaction. Mom can ask how you did on your math take a look at whilst she passes you the mashed potatoes. Jack can ask Jill if her boss was as suggest nowadays as he was yesterday. Finding together for meal presents a solid 30 minutes of relatives involvement each individual working day. Moreover, you can recruit the full relatives to prepare meal. This presents a bonding working experience along with everyday living abilities for the younger relatives associates.

2) Food Crosses Cultural Boundaries: You will generally hear people today say that the greatest way to get to know an individual is by feeding on their food items. They never just suggest eat Sarah’s cookies and determine she is a wonderful individual. At times it is not the simplest thing for an individual who has lived in the US their full life to understand an individual that has moved from India. Food is a way to introduce you and a way to get to know them. A person can prepare dinner you their preferred dish and it really is like you know them improved all of a unexpected. This applies in addition to journey. Say you’re walking down the streets of Verona, keeping your map (in all probability upside down) and striving to determine out how to ask an individual for assistance. You’re suddenly drawn to the smells coming out of the tiny bakery to your proper. Strolling in feels like household to you in that odd neighborhood.

3) Expressing Emotion: Individuals show their really like in distinctive means. Food generally works! Moms and dads pack lunches for their little ones. They slash your PB&J in triangles and keep in mind to choose off the crust and may possibly even slip a tiny note in there way too. Even when you’re developed you can tell your mother you had a bad working day and she may possibly get in touch with you in excess of for cake and wine! It can be the same assumed procedure when people today make soup for a sick good friend. It may perhaps not necessarily speed up their recovery but it nourishes them and shows you treatment- you took the time out of your working day. Traditionally when an individual is homebound/recovering from a surgical procedures/a relatives member passes/and so forth. people today bring them food items. Baking that plate of lasagna may possibly choose you an hour but to them it really is a aid following a prolonged working day at the medical center that they never have to prepare dinner.

4) The Holiday seasons: Holiday seasons like Thanksgiving and Christmas have a this means, but occasions connect to them. At any time an individual thinks about Thanksgiving they think of turkey! Your uncle spends all working day frying it out in the garage with each individual other male in your relatives sitting all-around it. All your aunts expend the working day getting ready all their specified facet dishes. On Christmas Eve and Working day, you can practically guess any individual in the home is cooking. Some may possibly be cookie tins becoming packaged as presents and any individual may possibly have a ham in the oven. At the end of the working day on that 4th Thursday in November and December 25th, the full relatives is sitting all-around the spread featuring everyone’s difficult work and really like.

With any luck , you’ve got all presently been mindful of some of the means food items performs a part in our life. If not, I hope now you will glimpse at matters differently when your neighbor delivers that casserole in excess of!

Source by Hannah Culleiton

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The Health and fitness Advantages of Taking in Kale

The Health and fitness Advantages of Taking in Kale

As a single of the most notable leafy greens in Europe, kale is a wondrous raw food items with a plethora of redeeming qualities. Featured in several well-known dishes from Africa, Ireland, Asia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Montenegro and Portugal kale is genuinely a worldwide provider. Irrespective of its astounding health rewards and global attract kale even now stays largely below the radar in The us. It is so preferred in Germany, social golf equipment and celebrations have evolved all over the vegetable but in The us you not often see kale utilized at dining establishments or even in property cooked meals. Maybe it is the temptations of fast food items, meat, frying and huge portions that have retained kale largely undiscovered in the United States but as health and diet plan agendas with any luck , so way too will the uses of kale. As a tremendous raw food items that reasonably low-cost and simple to resource there is no motive why we all should not be cooking with this leafy close friend far more often. Generally promoted and supported by vegan, vegetarian and raw food items fans everybody would be greater served by which includes far more kale in their day-to-day eating routines. Pretty simple to prepare dinner with and boasting a voracious range of uses it should not be tough for anybody to increase their kale intake. After we master a minimal far more about kale and review its several health rewards I am confident there will be a clamor at the supermarkets to invest in some.

Kale is in the cabbage loved ones and comes in environmentally friendly or purple headless leaves. Other color variations may consist of whites, yellows, blues and reds. The vegetable is solid in taste and can grow to be even far more pronounced immediately after becoming frozen or exposed to frost. The plant also grows really very well in wintry and severe climates producing it really flexible as significantly as cultivation is worried. Some near brothers to kale are broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kohlrabi, rapini, collard greens and brussels sprouts. Kale is seen as a superfood with several therapeutic qualities. In addition to its dietary values kale is also often utilized for garnish and decoration. Most decorative cabbage you see in gardens is from the kale loved ones. Kale cultivars and looseleaf type classifications include things like curly leaved (Scots Kale Lutes), simple leaved, rape Kale lutes, leaf and spear (a cross among curly leaved and simple leaved Kale Lutes) and cavolo nero (also recognised as Tuscan Kale Lutes and dinosaur Kale Lutes). Leaf form and texture are the determining marks of distinct Kales and they can assortment from curled and wrinkled leaves (Scots) to flat with finely divided edges (Siberian or Russian). A single amazing attribute of rising kale is that you can harvest the outer leaves as you require them with no harming the plant or the long term development of far more interior leaves. Kale is really easy to expand and is a terrific addition to any vegetable patch. It is of interesting to note that the tender and youthful kale is very best for salads though the mature leaves are very best for cooking. Talking of food items planning lets take a search at some of the causes why we should include things like this raw food items in our meals and dishes.

Boiling Kale is not the advisable but steaming, micro-waving, stir frying and eating it raw are all extremely encouraged. Kale is a cherished raw food items because it is abundant in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin, calcium, glucosinolates, sulforaphane, vitamin E, vitamin A, iron, manganese, calcium, potassium and manganese. It is these facets of kale that are recognised to avert and battle in opposition to this sort of clinical terrors as cancer, cataracts, emphysema and rheumatoid arthritis. A regular serving size of kale (1 cup) only includes 40 – 60 energy producing it a terrific pounds loss aid. That contains a plethora of enriching antioxidant properties, compounds, minerals and nutrition the vegetable is also successful in protecting against colds, strengthening pores and skin tone and augmenting energy concentrations. Even while it helps the liver, the colon and other critical organs a single particular circumstance it does not aid in is those with thyroid challenges. That contains goitrogen, a by natural means-taking place substance in kale and if way too substantially is eaten kale can interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland or trigger problem for those with thyroid difficulties. Irrespective of this a single caveat kale is even now a food items that should be eaten far more often by far more folks.

If you treatment about your health, the setting and the raw food items industry you should have no trouble leaping on the kale bandwagon. Kale recipes are not often difficult and the food items is so versatile it can be utilized in smoothies, soups, salads and even main dishes. Although kale is often cooked and blended with meat we extremely motivate its use only in a raw food items setting. By eating kale raw we increase its opportunity though aiding the earth as very well as ourselves. A raw food items diet plan is a terrific way to take treatment of the planet though also nurturing your physique and kale is a ideal element of that system. There are several magnificent raw food items cookbooks on the industry that can display you some terrific kale recipes. The future time you are thinking of eating a little something raw and scrumptious with any luck , kale will cross your intellect and tummy. Listed here is even a terrific kale smoothie and soup recipe to get you commenced on your quest for kale indulgence. You can also examine out my raw food items cookbooks for far more terrific cooking ideas.

A couple of Kale Recipes to get you on your way to terrific health!

KALE SMOOTHIE (blend ingredients very well):

2 cups filtered water
4 bananas
3 yellow mangoes
1 cup of raspberries
1 cup of pink grapes
6 to 8 kale leafs
A couple of mint leafs

KALE SOUP (Mix all the ingredients with heat water to get preferred regularity):

1 Bunch of Kale leaves
1/4 Avocado
1/4 Lemon peeled
1 Roma Tomato
2 cloves Garlic
2 cups filtered water (lukewarm)
A sprinkle of pink pepper flakes
Salt, pepper and onion powder to style

Source by Kathy Tennefoss

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On line Promoting – Discovering to Leverage the Organic and natural Electric power of Fb

On line Promoting – Discovering to Leverage the Organic and natural Electric power of Fb

I started out out on Fb just as nearly everyone else did. I opened an account, started out finding other buddies on the web-site and start out speaking with them mainly by – I guess you could simply call it – Weblog posting as a ton of what Fb is genuinely about at its base is a social platform – a web site web-site.

I was starting off an on-line small business and my preliminary focus when receiving going was to produce some content articles, publish them to get recognized and then build them into guides and industry them on Amazon-Kindle. I did not have a lot a lot more of a method than that in the starting – I had just usually needed to produce and publish a book. A bucket listing item.

As I commenced to delve in even further into the environment of Fb – and this spans time – over the past pair of yrs in reality – I grew to become aware of just how potent this platform genuinely is from a small business and solution advertising and marketing perspective. And I have discovered a ton about the platform to day – nevertheless I am regularly mastering a lot more things I can do on it to even further my manufacturer consciousness and even near profits proper on the platform alone. With this in brain, I want to share with you some tips for employing Fb that you may possibly not have thought of. Right here is an preliminary listing of tips to get you started out.

1st, you need to unquestionably have a small business website page if you are attempting to industry or sell anything on the platform. This is your to start with step. Fb frowns on you employing your particular shopper web-site to do any small business advertising and marketing – so get this carried out. An added suggestion: Do not restrict on your own to just one small business website page – build quite a few if you have distinctive types of things to sell. I am continue to functioning to build this all out myself but I have found the time to build a primary small business website page for my website, an “Author” website page for guides I produce, and a pair of webpages for person “small business verticals” in my on-line small business.

Why did I do this? It raises your potential to get found. People glimpse for and stick to small business verticals by key phrase seeking. If you kind for example “coloring guides” into the Fb search bar, your search will return: Coloring Ebook titled webpages developed by persons, coloring book groups, persons who use this key phrase in their title and sub-title “about” strains, top posts and most recent posts that contains the key phrase, video clips that persons have posted with the phrase in the titles, functions relating to this phrase, etc. So building small business website page verticals inside your Fb existence can be a quite very good strategy.

Upcoming suggestion – do a little exploration – use the Fb search bar to check out distinctive key phrase phrases and when you discover very good kinds that persons actively search on – use them with affiliated hash tags in your small business website page posts to enable persons discover you. Your “People Reached” numbers will go up.

Do you want to get persons to your other on-line assets these as webpages? Commence producing, posting and sharing Fb “Notes” – fundamentally here you are producing content articles and posting them on Fb. A pair quite practical guidelines in this regard: Compose the whole “Weblog Post” or “Report” on your world wide web or web site web-site. Then, go to Fb and in your “Be aware” produce the web site / write-up summary and not the rest of it. Upcoming, place a line in the Fb put up with a backlink to your world wide web / blogsite complete write-up beneath some anchor text that states a thing like “Simply click Right here to Read the Entire Report”. You are now driving targeted traffic back to your small business web-site where you can use lead magnets to seize e-mail addresses and you can sell them all your small business goods and products and services – as a reward profit, this assists to maximize your website existence in the eyes of well known search engines like Google.

Obtain and sign up for specialized niche specific groups. Then when you put up associated content articles, video clips, advertisement blurbs, shareable information, etc. “Share” them to these groups. This extends your manufacturer consciousness to most likely tens of hundreds of persons interested in the identical matters that you are advertising and marketing to.

Go beneath the “Control Tabs” button on your small business website page and include the “Store” button to your website page. Now, you can setup and spotlight some of your greatest-selling goods on your Fb small business website page and you can share these goods in your on-line posts. When persons click on to discover a lot more, you can direct them back to your website and buying cart to buy them by “tagging” the solution impression. FYI, a window opens up when tagging so you can enter the URL of the webpage you want to direct them to.

An additional tab option I not long ago uncovered and genuinely like is the “Solutions” tab. Right here you can industry your time and products and services provided to other folks. I have used this function on my Fb small business webpages and I stage these webpages directly back to my on-line time-booking program webpage that I have constructed into my small business website – I really like this function. If you are hunting to get consulting or “Freelancing” careers, here is a good way to maximize your publicity and have persons discover you and book your time.

Post video clips to Fb directly. Fb likes sharing video clips. All over again, as you publish these to Fb, be confident to craft your movie titles so they include very good useable key phrase phrases and do not neglect the use of hash tags in your movie description parts.

Choose some time to discover the small business webpages of other folks in equivalent niches as yours and when you discover well known kinds, go beneath the “Far more” tab shown just down below or on their small business website page history impression and then decide on the “Like as Your Webpage” button to connection them back to your small business website page. Right here&#39s what this does for you:

1st, you can not comment on another small business website page as your website page unless of course you like it as your website page to start with. When you do then comment on another website page as your website page, the put up you build builds visibility for your small business website page so you can get a lot more targeted traffic to your very own small business. Finally, you can start out to see in your news feeds information posted to that other website page – assists you continue to keep keep track of of the goings on there and who is posting information to that website page – and you in no way know, some of that information could practical to you.

In summary, continue to keep at it – you can generate a ton of organic and natural Fb views to your website just by taking the time to discover and function Fb with your posts, shares, team involvements, the use of hash tags in your posts, liking other small business webpages, commenting on other webpages, opening your Fb “Store”, etc.

The amplified small business publicity you acquire from this extra work, will get paid you dividends.

Supply by Dan Grijzenhout

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What is a Balanced Ingesting System?

What is a Balanced Ingesting System?

Balanced taking in is essential for everybody, from toddlers to the elderly. Understanding to eat nicely is extra than just taking in a variety of foods so that your body receives the right vitamins. It is also about satisfaction of foods and preserving a balanced body weight. Anybody can eat for excellent well being. It will involve 2 basic actions. Very first is to eat foods from all the different food items teams. The second action is to eat a variety of foods from each team each day. Sounds basic. However so several folks are not adhering to a balanced taking in strategy. Chaotic lifestyles, availability of rapidly food items, marketing and a lack of comprehension of what balanced food items is, all work from folks hoping for healthyier taking in. Unhealthy taking in causes sickness and body weight complications. Sort 2 diabetes is expanding substantially and is straight connected to the increase in being overweight. Heart condition and some cancers are also connected to being overweight.

A review by the Health-related Journal of Australia discovered that 56% of Australian adults are viewed as over weight or overweight. This is a 61% increase in being overweight considering that 1991 Un-dealt with being overweight poses considerable, even everyday living-threatening well being hazards.

Everyone understands the value of getting auto / household / insurance coverage. Have you viewed as the value of dietary insurance coverage? This suggests taking in the foods that will defend you from potential condition, and comprehension the rewards dietary health supplements can offer.

If you are currently not adhering to a balanced strategy you will be surprised that you are most most likely not taking in plenty of. You may possibly have to have to increase the amount of money of food items you take in.

Daily Food items Solutions

Fruit 2-3 servings, Greens 5-7 serves, Protein 3-6 serves, Whole grains 2-3 serves, Dairy 2-3 serves

Antioxidant Tremendous Meals

Anti-oxidants assist reduce cellular injury. Take in loads of foods wealthy in anti-oxidants this sort of as almonds, berries, citrus, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

1. Major your cereal with almonds or berries insert tomatoes to sandwiches, soups or stews layer your entire grain bread sandwich with slices of peppers and fresh spinach.

2. Pack a snack bag of nuts, toddler carrots, grape tomatoes, and bell pepper slices for a healthy decide on-me-up among foods.

3. Protein snack bars carry effortlessly for rapid electrical power and a tasty treat.


Calcium is the tremendous nutrient that keeps bones and teeth sturdy. Now analysis reveals that small-excess fat dairy also helps folks shed body weight! The ideal resources of calcium appear from the cow.

1. Get started your day with a protein wealthy breakfast. Add a bowl of entire grain cereal topped with skim milk and fresh fruit for a breakfast of champions.

2. Snack on small-excess fat yogurt or cheese among foods for an energizing treat.

3. Calcium-fortified juices and cereals are superb choices to satisfy your 3-a-day necessity.


Fiber does amazing matters for the body, from reduce cholesterol degrees, preserving you common, and in some cases preventing sure cancers. Grandma named it roughage and we have to have loads of it each day.

1. Browse food items labels to obtain entire grain breads and cereals that offer 3 or extra grams of fiber for every serving. A bowl full of bran or high-fiber cereal is a great start off to assembly your each day requirements.

2. Take in entire fruits and veggies for a balanced dose of fiber. Intention for 5 to 9 servings a day. Juices do not have as substantially fiber as entire fruit.

3. Dried beans and lentils are loaded with fiber and protein, so insert them to soups, stews, salads, eggs, and salsas.


Soy is a tremendous nutrient and superb resource of protein. It can reduce cholesterol, which can assist reduce cardiovascular condition. 1. Tofu can take on the taste of foods that it is cooked with. Test a stir-fry of vibrant veggies and cubed tofu with a gentle Asian sauce for a rapid food. You can also obtain cereals at the retailer loaded with the two soy and fiber. Serve with skim milk and you&#39ll get 3 tremendous vitamins for breakfast.

2. Acquire a soy protein bar for a rapid snack or lunch through the day. Soy nuts are yet another great transportable snack option.

Drinking water

Most of us do not get plenty of of this valuable stuff. As a consequence, we may possibly glance peaked and really feel fatigued. Our bodies are composed of extra fluid than nearly anything else, so h2o is a critical nutrient for our nicely-getting.

1. Fill up a 2 liter h2o bottle each morning and maintain it with you for rapid and refreshing beverages all over the day.

2. Do not depend on thirst this feeling diminishes with age. Drink frequently and pick from healthy liquids, which includes 100% fruit and vegetable juices, skim or small excess fat milk, broths, h2o, and herbal teas.

Under no circumstances skip foods. It is essential for your metabolism t eat 3 foods a day as well as 2 treats.

By adhering to a balanced taking in strategy you will keep your body in the best possible health and fitness. You will minimize your hazard of building everyday living model ailments. Your body will reward you by getting in peak ailment.

Source by Cheryl Haining

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Asian Road Food items, Speedy Food items Road in Asia, Cambodian Road food stuff #186

Asian Road Food items, Speedy Food items Road in Asia, Cambodian Road food stuff #186

If you like viewing Asian Road Food items Movie, you are getting the suitable location. In below we did the Speedy Food items Road in Asia, in particular Cambodian Food items.

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Pet Foodstuff for Puppies – Critical Issues You Will need to Know

Pet Foodstuff for Puppies – Critical Issues You Will need to Know

Suitable nutrition for any doggy is essential, but making absolutely sure that you have the appropriate doggy foods for puppies is even much more essential. Following all, you want the healthiest doggy achievable for numerous several years to appear, appropriate?

There are couple issues much more enjoyable in a families existence than bringing house that new puppy dog. But, how a great deal do you definitely know about feeding him or her properly? These small fellas, in some situations not so small, are wanting to us to deliver a healthier and content surroundings that contains healthful food items.

Regretably, for new owners as nicely as prior, knowledgeable owners, there is a trouble in the equation. The trouble is that the data that we get as people isn’t entire. We never know all of the issues that are in the foods that is made available on the shop shelves.

And, this ignorance is killing our finest buddies. At times in really shorter get. At the really the very least the inadequate excellent of the doggy foods that we have offered to is shortening the lives of our canine companions. How a great deal shorter? By some conservative estimates 8.3 several years shorter. Other individuals say longer nonetheless.

The trouble will come in the variety of really lax labeling laws that make it possible for companies to have nearly just about anything in their foods. Primarily, the law says that the label will need only contain components that have been extra in the plant, not just about anything that about substances from prior. Thinking of the sources of doggy foods, this is terrifying. Pet foods crops typically use other euthanized pet dogs as component of the foods. That means that the chemical substances employed to get rid of them is in the foods way too. Would make your head swim just seeking to get your views all around that 1.

But, you never have to sit nonetheless for getting your new puppies existence reduce shorter by inappropriate food items. You can do one thing about it if you desire. By making use of uncomplicated strategies that explain what to stay clear of and what is healthiest for your doggy, you can stay clear of the tragedy that some others have confronted in getting to euthanize this valued member of the spouse and children.

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The Best Buffet in the Philippines (Filipino Foodstuff Vacation)

The Best Buffet in the Philippines (Filipino Foodstuff Vacation)

For modern food stuff vacation i go to the greatest buffet i have experienced in the philippines at Vikings in MOA (the Mall Of Asia). I acquire a get bike to Pasay Manila for this restaurant evaluation as i flavor the tasty filipino foods and almost everything sarap. Vlog 111

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