10 Chinese Excellent Luck Foodstuff: Wanna be Fortunate? Try to eat These!

In Chinese culture, some foods are considered as great luck meals. Someday is simply because of the way they appear, and sometime is since of the way they sound like. Right now I might like to introduce you to 10 Fantastic luck meals: Wanna be lucky? Take in these!

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28 thoughts on “10 Chinese Excellent Luck Foodstuff: Wanna be Fortunate? Try to eat These!”

  1. SUMMARY ❤
    1. Rice Cake
    2. Orange- success
    3. Apple- Peace
    4. Peanut- give birth
    5. Seeds- Kids
    6. Chinese Garlic Chives- Forever
    7. Onion- Smart/Wisdom
    8. Noodles- Longevity (don't cut the pasta/noodles)
    9. Dumplings- Wealth & Fortune
    10. Fish

    Thank you, Miss Cici ❤

  2. Cici, hopefully if I eat any of these food while I am visiting Lyka Pino in Cebu, she and I will both have good luck. Also, if I ever go to New York City, I would like to meet you and share an apple with you. The hope is that doing so could bring me luck.

  3. This was a fun and interesting video. In the southern USA where I live it is lucky to eat black eyed peas for New Years Day, but personally I don't really like them. So I just eat one spoonful if they are served where I am that day, a little luck is better than no luck!

  4. I enjoy these kinds as well as wok cooking. Also, could you show how to make Jian Bing. Thank you, glad I found you and your videos. I was able to find the best Jian Bing during my trip to China from street vendors in Shenyang.

  5. This is really interesting. Thank you <3 I knew that Oranges are given out to Chinese New Year and that they symbolize something. Now I know what^^
    And thank you for the apple^^ Have one too. XD

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