1st female chef in 50 years joins Michelin club

1. Various exteriors of Maison Pic Restaurant.
2. SOUNDBITE: (French) Anne Sophie Pic, Three-Star Michelin Chef :
“I think France was a bit like the last bastion of resistance and maybe up until now it wasn’t easy in the spirit of the Michelin Guides to promote a woman, at any rate there were female candidates, but maybe not yet ready for the 3 stars”.

3. Various Michelin Guides where the restaurant is mentioned.
4. SOUNDBITE: (French) Anne Sophie Pic, Three-Star Michelin Chef :
“In September 1992 I entered in the kitchen and that marked me. I stayed for a year and then I left the industry and I returned to the kitchen when we lost the third star, and it was like a first time. I came back to fight and my motivation was ten times higher”.

5. Wide boutique hall
6. SOUNDBITE: (French) Anne Sophie Pic, Three-Star Michelin Chef:
“On one side the existing team and I shared competences, on the other side it was not easy to take over, we had moments of rebellion when people didn’t accept my way of doing things.”

7. Anne Sophie and colleagues in the kitchen
8. SOUNDBITE: (French) Anne Sophie Pic, Three-Star Michelin Chef:
“I think it is more difficult for a woman because it is more difficult to prove her competence, a woman always feels culpable in a job which she feels is not destined for her, I realise now that I have been haunted by this feeling of guilt.”

9. Restaurant web site.
10. SOUNDBITE: (French) Anne Sophie Pic, Three-Star Michelin Chef:
“But the most difficult thing is to find your place in this environment, and also to be a mother and to combine the two so to be efficient at work.”

11. Various Anne Sophie in the kitchen
12. SOUNDBITE: (French) Olivier Sauman, Second Chef:
“Yes I think at the moment she is predominantly motherly, she is our mother, she spoils us.”
13. SOUNDBITE: (French) Anne Sophie Pic, Three-Star Michelin Chef :
(Ann Sophie laughs) “I believe that is my nickname now, that’s what they call me, mummy, behind my back of course.”

14. Various food preparation in the kitchen.
15. SOUNDBITE: (French) Anne Sophie Pic, Three-Star Michelin Chef:
“What I wish now is for people coming here to eat, whether they find it feminine or not find a cuisine with a clear identity.”

16. Wide exterior 7 Pic Bistro
17. Set up shots Aude Rambuer, Chef, 7 Pic Bistro
18. SOUNDBITE: (French) C, Chef, 7 Pic Bistro:
“It is more feminine, more calm, it is not the same way of doing things.”
19. Table being set
20. Anne Sophie tasting a dish


French Chef Anne-Sophie Pic has won entry into a very exclusive, usually all-male club

She is France’s first female chef to win three Michelin stars for more than 50 years.


Anne Sophie’s restaurant, La Maison Pic, is located in Valence in the south of France. Anne Sophie is the fourth woman to be given the award since the Michelin guide began using the system in 1926.

Other women to have received the prize in the past are Marguerite Bise in 1951, and Eugenie Brazier and Marie Bourgeois, in 1933.

Anne Sophie says France was the last bastion of resistance for awarding women the honour.

The family restaurant is no stranger to accolades. Her grandfather Andre won three stars in 1934 and her father Jacques in 1973.

Anne Sophie grew up in the restaurant. She was taught by her father and his colleagues. Sophie explains that she first started in the kitchen in 1992.

The restaurant had lost a star grading, and she was determined to win it back. Her father died in September of the same year.

Anne Sophie explains that she worked well with the existing team when she took over the kitchen, but there were a few moments of rebellion when ideas clashed.

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