2009 China (Guangxi) Global Design Machinery, Setting up Product Equipment, Design Autos and Machines Exhibition

Begin time:  2009-07-31 Conclusion time:  2009-08-02 Location:  China – Nanning Global Convention and Exhibition Centre

Call:  Huang Yaning Call Telephone:  0532-66711800 Organizers:  Chinese Mechanical Engineering Culture Sponsor:  Bosch Exhibition Co., Ltd. Qingdao

Overseas Co: Hong Kong Culture Conversation Co., Ltd. pen

Supported by: The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce CCCME China Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Area Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Area People’s Government of Guangxi Communications Department of China Railway Engineering Company Expressway Design and Improvement Company, Guangxi Street and Bridge Design Team Co., Ltd. Guangxi Street and Bridge Team II Bureau of China Railway Team, China Guangxi Iron eight innings Team Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. Guangxi Yuchai Team Co., Ltd.

Supporting Media: HC Design Machinery Web page Design Machinery Web page kenfor China Design Machinery Design Machinery Information Community China Global Design Machinery Concrete Community Community Community China China Street Design Machinery Web page Excavator China Highway Community Design Machinery Leasing Web network construction jobs in China proposed expressway network in China China China Street Machinery Community Mechanical street network business network of China Design Machinery Design Machinery Heavy Car or truck expert network in China China Design Machinery Elements Excavator kenfor network China Community China digging device parts Loader Community China Heavy Responsibility Truck and Design Machinery Business enterprise Web

Normal Description: With the global economic disaster strike the real financial system in China, the Chinese government promulgated the “4 trillion to expand domestic demand,” “enhance the mounted expenditure,” the new plan this sort of as the world’s nations around the world, particularly ASEAN nations around the world involved. China is the world’s premier building nations around the world, ASEAN is the world’s most promising emerging economies, one particular that appeals to outside of China and ASEAN nations around the world to occur to obtain and “10 +1” Cooperation Possibilities. Guangxi is found in South China, Southwest China and the ASEAN conjunction of a few main economic circles, is the only current among China and ASEAN, the land places bordering the sea lanes there is also China’s participation in the Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation and the Pan-Tonkin Gulf economic cooperation, the primary provinces. January 2008, the state formally approved the implementation of “Gulf Economic Zone Improvement Program”, arranging that Guangxi should really be “all-spherical multi-area growth of cooperation with ASEAN. Accelerate the development of China – ASEAN” One particular Axis, Two Wings, “a new pattern of regional economic cooperation . “One particular Axis, Two Wings” in the “One particular Axis” refers to from Nanning to Singapore’s economic corridors, which the railway, expressway and freeway for the provider, the 6 nations around the world, 9 cities series up “wings” ended up refers to the Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation Zone and the Pan-Tonkin Gulf economic cooperation zones. In recent years, initiatives to market Guangxi’s opening up and cooperation with the 10 ASEAN nations around the world have realized remarkable success, highlights the strategic position of Guangxi’s bridgehead.

2009, the Guangxi options to entire construction of transportation infrastructure expenditure in mounted property 27.5 billion, compared with 20% enhance in excess of 2008, new construction freeway mileage in excess of 500 km. Guilin to Sanjiang, Ma River to Wuzhou, Wuzhou Guigang to a batch of things will be loaded. At the identical time, will start out the construction of coastal places of Guangxi Fangchenggang 200,000 tons-course channel, North Sea and the 2nd period Tieshan’gang Youjiang previous waterway delivery hub port and other jobs, and completion of Fangchenggang East Bay, West Bay, 100 thousand tons degree fairways, Guiping to Wuzhou 2000-ton channel and other huge things. With the November 2008 whole of 41 billion yuan of expenditure in Nanning to Guangzhou railway starts construction in Guangxi Wuzhou, Guangxi, the rapid enhancement of the railway prelude! Predictable, Guangxi will set off a new upsurge of visitors construction expenditure!

Will come just as the 50th anniversary of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Area, “2009 China (Guangxi) Global Design Machinery, Setting up Product Equipment, Truck Autos and machines exhibition, “the market place demand, initiatives to develop Southwest China and the ASEAN market place for a expert intercontinental party! Investment decision committee will consist of not only the 10 ASEAN +1 with China market place, will fortify the” 10 +1 “nations around the world and regions other than the promotion and firm of buyers. 2009, allow us convert difficulties into opportunities, Liu Yong Jin, Qi Jusheng will, to develop excellent!

1, the Arranging Committee by the government agencies, field associations and other forces on the within and outside multi-channel vigorously publicize and market the expert audience. Essential to invite China and the ASEAN nations around the world and expert people, and fortify the “10 +1” nations around the world and regions other than the promotion and firm of buyers. Printing 200 000 visits invitations, tickets, totally free distribution to the provinces of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation, construction, railway, municipal, freeway and other enterprises, institutions, Sheng invite suitable specialists to check out, negotiate and order. Will be the mascot of wonderfully created demonstrate and a memento for totally free distribution to people.

2, in main expert journals, newspapers, sites demonstrate promotion, publishing exhibition information. Period just before and Guangxi renowned newspapers, radio, tv and other mass media to do propaganda and reporting, develop a sensational influence, elevate consciousness exhibition.

3, invite domestic and intercontinental engineering, construction equipment and street and bridge field, educational exchanges and other suppliers to do Session will be invited to participate in government agencies and expert seminars and look at demonstrate. By government departments, field sectors and the encompassing region cities below to master to invite the field to check out and to inform neighborhood associates of the Institute Proxy , Pay a visit to the dealer membership.

Exhibits: 1, construction equipment and machines: Mining Machinery , Loaders, bulldozers, street rollers, cranes, forklifts, pile devices, drilling devices, Crusher Mechanical, mining equipment, metal equipment, concrete equipment, asphalt mixer, municipal construction equipment and all varieties of diesel producing sets, spare parts, and so on.

2, concrete equipment and transportation machines: mixing and mixing device, sand separator, mixing, batching station, automated command procedure, concrete mixer truck, pump, pumping equipment, fabrics, equipment, injection device, crushing device , pouring machines, vibration machines, concrete block / brick and tile creation equipment

3, construction equipment and machines: mixer, concrete pump, concrete pump, crane, crane devices, construction lifts, aerial work equipment, drilling rigs, pile driver, templates, template repair service device, vibration device, metal, reinforced minimize off devices, bending devices, welding machines, motors, resources, and screening instruments

4, street and bridge machines and materials: Street Machinery, Street Machinery, Street Machinery, motor grader, paving device, marking device, to develop the bridge mechanical design

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