5 GLUTEN Cost-free CHAIN Restaurants

Not even kidding, number 4 was a shock to me. Really like YOU Guys.

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39 thoughts on “5 GLUTEN Cost-free CHAIN Restaurants”

  1. My sis has celiac disease and I wanna find places to go for her, also anyone that’s gluten free, GO.TO.SALATA. It’s really healthy, gluten free, and there’s dairy free options too, and it’s so delicious!! I hate salad, but they’re salad is really good!!

  2. Thanks for telling me in n out has a gluten free menu!! I had no idea and its my fav fast food place. I cant eat gluten, soy or fry food and it sucks bcos when i do eat it my throat and my right earlobe feel discomfort. Btw, another place where they have a gluten free menu and bread is Denny's and its delicious

  3. Eh I dunno about Waffle House. I don't feel super confident about eating there. I go there with my family and I only get the hasbrowns (bc I cant have eggs) and I'm like PHEW lucky I dont get sick bc when I watch they WILL GRILL TOAST on the grill for some orders and they dont really do any cleaning of the grill. so…

  4. i think there is a place called twigs tavern and grille in rochester MN there is other things there to i will have to check if i can i do not know about the chain bit for all but i will send you what i can

  5. Thank you for the video. I know this is for people with celiac but my so just got diagnosed with Chron's disease & needs to go gluten free. I'm happy that I can still take him out to eat.

  6. Thank you so so soooo much! I have been sick for a month and we didn't know what was going on but recently I found out i have celiac and it has been so hard to adjust so this really helped!❤️

  7. A chain of restaurants in Wisconsin called "Culvers" has a gluten free option. I have a gluten sensitivity.

    Craig and the crew get it done for me.

    Tell'em "Jake" sent you.

  8. Hi Katie! I have a pretty severe gluten allergy. Sweetgreen, Tasty Burger and B.Good are also good options for us GF people. Their food is great and I don't get sick when eating at those places. If you find yourself near one of those chains and you haven't tried them yet, you should.

  9. The only one of these 5 places you mentioned near me is Red Robin. There is a Chipotle in Boston — but I live 45 mins away and don't have a car. We have a Moe's.

  10. Yes! Omg this was so helpful! my husband was just diagnosis with celiac disease and is tired of chicken and misses having "soft" breads…lol if you find any more restaurants please share! I asked McAllister and they said they were but have not yet tried it.

  11. The Waffle House thing isn't a good idea if you're really sensitive to wheat (like allergic to wheat as well as gluten) because cross contamination on the grills. They never clean them. Denny's is good though.

  12. Thank you!!! You just saved my life! I recently found out that I am gluten intolerant and I thought I would have to say goodbye to fast food but Red Robin can be my friend! Yyyyaayy! I'm doing it! I'm so going to keep going!!

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