5 Tasty Techniques That Golden Fried Onion Can Boost Your Steakhouse Menu

If you&#39re the owner or supervisor of a steakhouse or burger joint, you know that your shoppers hope taste, diversity, and creative imagination when it comes to your restaurant&#39s menu products.

But you also know that you have so a lot of other facets of your restaurant to handle-like payroll, staffing, making upkeep and obtaining. All of those people duties can retain you chaotic from sunup to sundown, which suggests that you do not always have the time you&#39d like to sit down and ponder new menu products or intriguing variations on previous favorites.

If this seems common, just one possibility you really should think about is to seem at some charge-effective and uncomplicated-to-keep meals goods that you can sprinkle as a result of your menu to increase new zest and fascination. Right here are a couple of examples that illustrate how you could do just that with golden fried onion topping, which is greatly accessible for wholesale and commercial invest in:

Concept 1: Incorporate as a steak topping.

Your sirloins, flank steaks and rib eyes will appreciate an fast taste improve when you best them off with a just-appropriate serving of golden fried onion, specifically when you increase the remarks to the meat quickly just after it comes off the grill and provide appropriate absent .

When that comes about, the onions come to be warmed by the steak underneath, and they soak up just plenty of organic juices on the way to the table that they&#39re really shut to great by the time your visitor requires his to start with chunk.

Concept Two: Suggest with salads.

The perfect start out to a great steak dinner is a refreshing and fantastic yard salad, but far too a lot of eating places make the error of serving salads that are simply bowls of lettuce topped with a solitary cherry tomato and a couple of shaved carrots. Customers hope a thing a little bit heartier from a steakhouse or burger joint, so do not be afraid to toss in some cheese, mushrooms, broccoli or bacon bits-as effectively as some tasty fried onion toppings.

Concept Three: Incorporate to your baked potato.

Practically nothing complements a juicy steak dinner like a large, fluffy potato, baked to perfection and stuffed with all the fixes&#39. Present it topped off with golden fried onion and your shoppers will be hooked for daily life.

Concept 4: Prime off your hamburgers.

Currently it looks like every person is mad about connoisseur, about-the-best burgers-and the more toppings, the better! You can increase fried onions to classic cheeseburgers, provide with mushroom gravy for a tasty sirloin burger, pair with mozzarella and pizza sauce for an out-of-the-everyday pizza burger, or increase to chili for a to start with-class chili burger.

Concept 5: Provide with Bloody Marys.

These days, people are pretty much as mad about about-the-best Bloody Marys as they are about connoisseur burgers. Established up a develop-your-individual station in your bar that involves fried onion toppings as a garnish and watch your brunch bar profits soar. Other garnishes that will work effectively with fried onions are plump eco-friendly olives, chilled (and peeled) shrimp, horseradish, lemon wedges, roasted corn, jalapenos, cucumbers or cilantro.

Resource by Clinton Rhodes

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