9 Emperor Gods Festival – A 9 Working day Celebration!

Bangkok is the capital metropolis of the Southeast Asian nation of Thailand. The most populous metropolis of Thailand as well, Bangkok serves as the hub of Thailand’s commercial and cultural action. It is also a single of the world’s most preferred tourist destinations because of to its one of a kind way of life, leisure and cultural points of interest, and its lively nightlife.

A single of the most one of a kind cultural festivals celebrated in Bangkok is the 9 Emperor Gods Festival. This celebration is a 9 working day lengthy Taoist festival consisting of various traditions and rituals. This festival has a loaded heritage, and is a extremely vibrant and lively celebration, which gives great insights to the lifestyle of Bangkok.

Celebrated at the commencing of the 9th Lunar month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the 9 Emperor Gods Festival is celebrated in many international locations these kinds of as Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand. The 9 Emperor Gods are generally approved to be 9 stars, considered to be the offspring of the Feminine Deity Dou Mu, positioned close to the Huge Dipper. Other theories are that they are 9 martyrs of the Qin Dynasty, who have been underground Ming loyalists. There are many one of a kind traditions connected with this celebration. The very first is that the devotees who rejoice this festival grow to be vegetarian for the 9 days of its period.

A single of the most vibrant festivals in the Thai capital of Bangkok is the 9 Emperor Gods Festival. This lively festival has many unique rituals and customs and is an great way to witness the social and religious solidarity of Bangkok.

Prayers and other rituals are also executed all through the 9 days at river banking companies in a bid to invite the 9 Emperor Gods to earth, when also praying to dispel any terrible fortune befallen on the people. Having said that, the highlight of this celebration is the Sending off Ceremony of the 9 Emperor Gods. This ceremony includes the sending off the invited Gods bank through the river, which is accompanied by many vibrant dragon boats and lion dances. This vibrant festival also shows the social and religious solidarity in Bangkok, as thousands of devotees show up at this celebration.

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