94.7 Prank Phone – Chinese Cafe Vs Indian Cafe

Chinese Cafe Vs Indian Restaurant


39 thoughts on “94.7 Prank Phone – Chinese Cafe Vs Indian Cafe”

  1. Hhahaha it’s Not # pathetic colonial mentality # caveman education level # no wonder you has to go different cuisine take out for everything you eat.# NOT FUNNY WHEN MAKING FUN OF HARD WORKING PEOPLE

  2. the funny part was the asian guy listing to the indian guys chicken line up and he was like ohhh chicken windalow ? hahaha i never hear this one i been working for chinese resturant for 30 years I NEVER HEARR THISSSSS STUFF??? hahahahahahahahha chicken coma??? haaahahah Indian guy was fucking hilarious !!

  3. would it be as funny if it were a white run establishment such as a Polish restaurant and then you call a Greek restaurant? how much of a racist bigot can you be?

  4. so fucking distasteful, are you making fun of minorities and their English skills? I hope the restaurant didn't actually prepare the food you ordered or you actually PAID for the huge waste of time you caused these people.

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