A Bizarre Unexplained Secret about Taiwan


I have a dilemma. Why do all the vacation blogs and websites about Taiwan assert that it is incredibly open up, welcoming and an effortless to spot make friends and get dates with incredible females?

In reality, Taiwan is a incredibly shut and repressed workaholic culture in which every thing feels repressed and stiff. And if you are not repressed and inhibited, then you adhere out like a sore thumb. Only aged persons and minor youngsters are actually open up and comfortable about talking to persons. But the younger females are the most UNFRIENDLY, Shut and UPTIGHT I have ever encountered in the total planet. There is like a thick wall or barrier all around them. They will not stop and talk to you when you say hello to them or greet them. They just act like you are not even there. Even in snobby elements of Europe or the US, quite a few younger females will admit you if you say “Justification me”. But not in Taiwan. There is no eye get in touch with. Nowhere else in the planet (other than Japan and Hong Kong) are females so shut, cold and unsociable. Seeking to meet up with them is the most unnatural matter. Also, they live in a full state of concern. A vibe of concern emanates from their skin pores and rubs off on you if you are near them, which is an dreadful state of currently being. The Enormous Distinction amongst the aged technology in Taiwan and the younger in terms of their sociability and openness towards strangers is astounding. They are like night and day.

But of system, it is fully TABOO to talk about this and from the social rules. There is an unspoken social legislation that any place you go, you Must possibly say that “every person is so welcoming and wonderful” (like the Travel Channel and politically suitable Era-Yers always do with their pretend positivity act) or you say practically nothing at all. Or you can blame yourself. But you are NOT Authorized to say that persons are shut, uptight or anti-social, no matter how Real or JUSTIFIED it could be. If you violate this, you will be found as a loser and freak, that’s why no one particular dares to. What this signifies is that real truth and honesty are a taboo, which is the indicator of a sick culture.

It’s lousy ample that we are all slaves programmed to “consider” we are absolutely free. But when we are not even permitted to explain to the real truth the way it is, that genuinely normally takes the cake. Nonetheless, most persons prefer deceit to real truth, according to quite a few good thinkers, writers and intellectuals (e.g. Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Eric Fromm, Frederich Nietzsche, HL Mencken, RD Lang, Marcus Aurelius, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ayn Rand, etc.). As a result real truth is not popular and honesty is uncommon. Instead, we all put up pretend facades. What a sick planet.

Also, Taiwanese females act incredibly conservative, prudish and “goody two sneakers” and I get the feeling that if I will not put up a “goody two sneakers” act all around them, then I’m a creep or freak. I won’t be able to be open up, immediate or flirtatious with them like I can in most nations. As a result I won’t be able to even be myself, which is the worst type of psychological jail. I dislike to put it this way, but Taiwan has acquired to be the most repressed unopen culture and culture I have ever expert. Sorry if that sounds impolite, but I will not make factors the way they are, I just explain to them.

From what I have read, if you are white or black, you will get some interest in Taiwan from ladies who have a “international fetish”. But if you are Asian, then the cultural norms utilize, which are that the way persons meet up with is through introductions by friends, function, university or connecting pursuits. Other than that, no one particular will talk to you other than the more mature technology. This is the grim reality if you are Asian in Taiwan. But yet again, it is taboo to point out.

In actuality, Taiwanese themselves confess they are a shut culture when compared to the West, and contemplate The united states to be much more “open up and expressive”, which states a great deal considering quite a few other cultures see The united states as a regimented, limited-assed socially segregated jail (e.g. Latin The united states, Russia, Europe, Mexico, Australia, etc) that is only good for creating income. As well as there is no authentic culture in Taiwan. The Taiwanese life-style can be summed up in two redundant terms – Perform, Perform, Perform and Eat, Eat, Eat. You will find no passion, romance, really like, human connection, intellectual curiosity, really like of expertise and wisdom, really like of artwork or philosophy, thirst for new encounters, freethinking, etc. Not to say that individuals factors will not exist in Taiwan, but they are NOT portion of the common attitude, identity or culture of the Taiwanese. And they are not thought of critical possibly.

But there is all this railing in vacation web sites, books and Television plans about how open up and heat Taiwanese are. It’s like a “social gathering line” or religion that every person must conform to. Where by does it come from? Is it because of to pure political correctness? It appears to be that some persons do practical experience a good social existence and dating achievements in Taiwan, but not all. Whichever the situation, the Taiwanese social ambiance is surely NOT open up flowing comfortable or inclusive like in most international nations. That I would bet everything on. It is evident to any human, canine and cat in the planet.

So why does no one particular talk about the earlier mentioned even although it is the most evident matter? It’s genuinely odd. If any individual can describe this secret, get in touch with me at HappierAbroad.com.


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