A tour of Al Halal Supermarket ( My prepping paradise)

Bradfords Asian Supermarket Al Halal’s is a tresure trove of spices from around the world.The prices are really good too.I could spend hours in the place.Spice up your boring rice and beans with some spices!!!


14 thoughts on “A tour of Al Halal Supermarket ( My prepping paradise)”

  1. Fuck all you halal food eaters. Halal food has to make sure the animal experiences maximum terror because of their pedophile prophet Mohammad (dog shit be upon him). Someone should hang you motherfuckers upside down and slit your throat while you're fully conscience. People who eat halal are disgusting, ignorant barbarians. On behalf of the animals, fuck you! fuck you! fuck you! and fuck your cunt whore mothers you sick fucks.

  2. I was there for the first time on Wednesday….overwhelmed at the stuff. Bought some AWESOME tangerines (still with leaves on) which makes me ask ONE question?  What the hell are we being sold in usual traditional British supermarkets.  Can't wait for a return visit 🙂

  3. East Indian stores are also rather fantastic. Not only can you get tons of rice and beans and lentils… the prices on fresh high quality spices is much less then the big box stores. A really good example of this is saffron. It is a fraction of the cost compared to big grocery chains. Big box stores also do not carry beans and lentils in 10lb bags.

  4. with a video like this it is obvious that the choices we have in our stores are limited & controlled by Walmart. It is also obvious that we are limited to a few Chinese products, Monsanto's GMO and not much more.

  5. So when are you buying the store / A store owner would have it all For me I always want a Pawn shop so that I woul;d have gold silver generators guns out in plan site without any one making trouble

  6. Kind of like us, but more in bags than cans. I know I would be asking question, what is this, what goes good with it. Your meat counter offers different meat than us. Thank you for showing us this and have a good day.

  7. Oh, I would love to walk around that store with you. You would get VERY tired of my asking " How do you cook that?" and " What is that?". We like to eat Pangasius (also called Swai). Maybe some videos on how to cook dishes with these ingredients would be helpful. Thank you for the tour down the aisles.

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