Deserted Chinese Dining Establishment – Teppanyaki Grill & & Buffet

Resting along an active stretch of roadway near Scranton Pa. rested a prominent dining establishment. It initially opened up as a Golden Corral, afterwards Charlie Browns steakhouse utilized this area for a couple of years. Lastly a Chinese Buffet relocated. Open up considering that 2010, Teppanyaki had huge groups in its very first a number of years of procedure yet that gradually started to transform. Reports beginning walking around regarding the high quality of food, yet it had not been up until i drove by a couple of days ago that i observed it was closed. After doing a fast search online, i located a number of websites as well as posts revealing that it stopped working countless wellness evaluations. A public auction was held previously this month to sell all continuing to be devices. The future of this location is unidentified, yet if any kind of modifications do take place, i will certainly comply with up regarding it. Take pleasure in.

Please Keep In Mind: Discovering Deserted places can be harmful. I do not excuse or motivate any person to go into a Deserted framework. Not just is safety and security a problem, yet most of the times its prohibited as well as when feasible, i seek consent. I just most likely to record its background prior to it’s gone as well as leave points the means I locate them. I think all the dangers & obligation in doing so. Please do not try to do this by yourself.

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39 thoughts on “Deserted Chinese Dining Establishment – Teppanyaki Grill & & Buffet”

  1. Looks ok inside, but the flys there is a reason why they are there, something is not right. All foods have to be stored properly. I have had food poision once in my life and that is no picnic. I would love to see kitchens all in glass so everyone can see how things are done in the kitchen. I have heard food falls on the floor and goes right back in the pan. I just don't like that. would they do that to there own family, I don't think so. Good find JP. You are top notch.

  2. Teppanyaki Grill & Buffet, 941 Viewmont Dr., Scranton, May 16. Regular r inspection; out of compliance. Violations: restaurant not open for scheduled inspection restaurant had scheduled inspection was not open for business for visit. Food observed in the kitchen/bain marie area, slimy to the touch not wrapped from previous night/spoiled. Food was discarded as no conclusive explanation was given as to why food not dated, sorted, wrapped and secured. Records not accessible day of inspection which was scheduled. Shucked shellfish, observed in the bain marie area, are not labeled, or label does not have all necessary information and is missing or was unidentifiable to manager. records not immediately available for scheduled inspection. Food in the cooler area stored opened with no covering or date of last used. Food piled on top of one another, container after container, food was thrown out. Informed employee through translation with manager that all food is to be wrapped at end of night, sealed and sorted accordingly and dated for next day use. Potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 48 hours, located in the bain marie, is not being date marked. Employee and manager had hard time describing what exactly each container held. Food was tossed out. Temperature measuring device for ensuring proper temperature of equipment is not available or readily accessible in cooler equipment. Food facility does not have available sanitizer test strips or test kit to determine appropriate sanitizer concentration. Manager said he would address that on 5/16/16. Wash compartment of the manual ware-wash equipment contained dirty wash water, with pots, pans, which were not scraped and water was filthy and greasy. Excessive food residue not being pre-scraped from dishes prior to ware washing. Food facility does not have enough outside waste receptacles as evidenced by refuse and waste lying on the ground. Garbage was laying behind dumpster, over abundance and need to be addressed. Garbage overflowing and laying behind dumpster, pictures taken, also old equipment laying on side of buildings. both men and women restrooms had issues to address cleaning wise.

  3. I love your videos. You do such a good job and find so many interesting places. I love how respectful you are too which is unfortunately a rarity it seems in this craft. I'm praying for your continued safety and success with your channel. Thanks for all the great content!

  4. Buffets are not healthy. They are dying out. For one you over eat at them. Plus they are usually disgusting they make people sick. It's better to be able to watch them make your food.

  5. I just did some research on this place…and the internet doesn't give an exact date as to when it closed…but based on the reviews by customers…in the last few months of operation…they went downhill pretty fast…there is some building issues…and flying termites…and garbage was piled up outside the bathrooms

  6. i like chines!how the people eat live squid,one way get chock and die.those a sea food abandon in frackville,when u go in town through 81.that smell bad big time,i think they have sea food left inside,if i remember it was call alsea food i think.i been mouths our year i was there.maybe they clean our knuck it down.

  7. Small update: They're already working on the front of this building to convert it into the AAA office location complete with dumpster out front and some portions of the exterior being taken apart for the conversion.

  8. Just drove by there today. Was going to eat there but realized it was being totally redone. Found out it was shut down. Ate there earlier this year or last year I think. Was always good when we were there. I recognize it was dumpy and super grimy but we enjoyed the food. Went to royal buffet and wow I wish we had known about it sooner. Much better ! Is this place really going to be office spaces ?

  9. Another great video you do an excellent job always. We had a City Buffet here in Seymour – it was a Chinese restaurant delicious food and my family and I ate there frequently. Last month seems overnight it closed because of poor health reviews. I don’t know enough about how they store their food but we never had any problems and we miss the place – The food was delicious and the price was good it’s a shame that they get closed down .

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