Adorable daddy/daughter standoff

Me vs Lola when she was a small thing. About 15 months listed here. She’ll be 4 later on this 12 months. In any case, hi globe.


34 thoughts on “Adorable daddy/daughter standoff”

  1. Get down!
    But the child does not get down.
    Mais l'enfant ne descend pas.
    OK Dad, be authoritative!
    OK Papa, soyez autoritaire!
    It's too funny.
    C'est trop drôle.

  2. First off how did she get up there & second when your child is on a glass table tha last thimg you should do is record it.get tha child down before she hurts herself.cute but dangerous!!!

  3. are you crazy? must be crazy messing whit ther like that…… better do exactley as she says if you wanna enjoy same sleep..and same quiet at night.hhh

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