Air Asia Food

2 random Air Asia Malaysia inflight meals sampled (Indian influenced).

So I went to Malaysia for a Visa run and this time decided to try 2 Air Asia Malaysia meals served. I ordered a Chicken Briyani outbound and a Chicken Curry Roti Canai inbound.

Normally the Air Asia Thai dishes are solid, the green curry and spicy basil chicken meals are my normal safe choices.

The food eaten was definitely eventful.

Extra notes are that trays should really have been provided to stop the messiness of the food. Also the Canai semi-exploded and was leaking as you can see from opening it! lol Could have done with a better fork and maybe a knife too on the Canai as I didn’t fancy eating with my hands with no wet wipes to clean after.

View in HD for better quality.

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33 thoughts on “Air Asia Food”

  1. Bro, good flight experience, but you get pretty much what you pay for on an LCC, don't expect metal forks cause you'll get plastic one's, besides aren't you supposed to eat this dish by hand?

  2. OMFG!

    Who eats roti with a fork?

    You are super weird! Drop your western habits when eating Indian food. Wash your hands properly like mommy taught you, throw away that stupid fork and eat with your hands!

  3. mister roti is to be eaten using hand not fork. you don't even know how to eat roti and you are saying deducted 2 for hassles. your video gets 0/10 for your stupidity. hassles! such an idiot

  4. I have had one definitely bad meal,and a few suss meals.
    The very worst recently was their newer dish of 'Cottage Pie"and the online menu shows a tasty full tray of potato topped cottage pie.But on arrival at my seat the dish was only 2/3 full of cottage pie and the 1/3 full on large ugly chunks of carrot and courgette.Worst part was the carrot was off,sticky and stale smelling.
    I complained to the hostie,but no follow up.
    Other meals,typical is the popular Nasi Lemak it has been reduced to a whisp of shredded egg on top.
    And departing out of australia the meals sometimes show their age in discolouring as they are probably prepared in malaysia many hours before.

  5. excuse me, i dont think that it was too much of a hassle. u tried eating em with ur other hand holding a camera! try eating chicken chop with only one hand?
    and i dont believe that the fork was broken simple because of that 'struggle' you mentioned.
    looked like it was purposely broken. just look at the frame before it got broken.. there were small pieces of roti left and the next thing you know, tada… broken fork?

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