Amega Global LLC – Zero Point Energy Technology – A Truly Product Driven Company

Amega Global LLC. was incorporated in February of 2006 in Delaware, USA. The company was originally formed out of three companies; an investment company, a personal development company, and a wellness company.

The company name “Amega” came about when the founding members came together with a desire to create a world wide corporation centered around wellness and wealth that would be A “Mega” company, thus the name Amega Global was born.

Amega is an e-commerce network marketing organization that deals in high-quality certified diamonds, jewelry, Amized zero point products, advanced far-red/magnetic products, anti -aging products and unique wellness foods.

The Products… the company has a wide range of wellness and health care products including the AMWand and AMPendant; magnetic/far-red bracelets, watches, jewelry, AMWater System, Age Defiance and Skin care, Nutritional AMFoods… all with AMized Fusion Technology, which makes Amega stand apart from the rest.

Amega’s regional head office is in Singapore with subsidiarie offices opening on a regular basis around the world.

Amega has a $ “Nura Wellness Center” located in Kuala Lumpur Malasia, with plans to create another 80+ Nura Centers in the coming years. One can only book into a Nura Wellness center through an Amega Business Associate.

The zero point energy (ZPE) products that Amega Global produces basically have no other competition. That is what makes Amega Global both a unique corporation, and a unique business opportunity for the person looking for a solid company with unique, one-of-a-kind technology and benefits.

In under five years Amega has built an organization of 550,000 distributors accross Asia, with an additional 46,000 + distributors being added to the North American market during the first three months of 2010. This company has literally exploded onto the Norh American market since January of 2010. Amega’s CEO Arun Kemer predicts sales in this market to exceed $250,000,000.00 by the end of this year alone.


The “Wand” looks very much like a pen. Through a highly guarded proprietary process, it is made up of a mixture of granulated minerals and created by a technology called AMized® Fusion. This technology resonates at what is called zero point energy. Zero point energy reminds cells to return to source thus facilitating a natural state of homeostasis. When the body is exposed to zero point energy it has the ability to heal itslef of pain, lack of mobility and many other conditions. Many people attest to the benefits then have received from Amega Products.

The most popular of these products is the Amwand, a small device that looks like a stainless steel pen. It actually contains Ami-fused minerals. A simple “wanding” with zero point energy usually takes just a few minutes and often produces immediate results.

So here you have a solid company with a unique technology that decided to bring it to the world only via a network marketing platform. These products are at their best when demonstrated by one person to another.

Amega also produces consumable products such as their product called “DNA” ( Dynamic Nutritioin Advantage) Dynamic Nutrition Advantage is a world class breakthrough in the category of functional foods.A unique fusion of some of the most notable premium exotic superfoods available, DNA active ingredients include Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry), Noni, Luo Han Guo, Camu Camu and Pomegranate, giving DNA many benefits beyond other products that promote a high antioxidant activity. Most importantly this powdered drink mix contains zero point energy.

Many people looking at a business opportunity these days understand the importance of dealing with consumable products and DNA is one of several consumable items in Amega’s product line.

Amega products make a real difference in the lives of those who both use, and represent them.Helping people to improve their health, end pain, increase mobility and end suffering is more than wonderful.Too many products and opportunities offer too much “fluff” and too little substance.

That is what makes Amega Global LLC and zero point energy products so different. Amega is creating a self care revolution as people find an end to pain and health problems they could not find elsewhere.


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