Appalachian cooking with Brenda- Mountain Dew -apple dumplings

Brenda tends to make a tasty desert — Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings.– quite simple to make and extremely fantastic .thank you quite much for looking at!


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  1. We would love to see David in the kitchen helping you.This would be great for younger married couples.When one is in pain the other should step in and help.It's Called Love.
    Listen to this grandma of five.I bet your ratings will soar .
    I suffer from OsteoArthritis my husband bless his heart wants to help but can't he's unstable on his feet.He's on Dialysis and in Renal Failure.So LET David help you.We want to see what makes a real marriage.In sickness and in health till death do us part.amen
    Plus my husband and I are ya hon.Take care.
    Cheryl Baker.

  2. Well Brenda Melv with 96 yr old Mother, she was wanting apple dumplings so went to the store and got things needed, they sure came out good , I followed your directions and covered them just like you did . Mom loved them thats all she wanted for her supper . They were great !

  3. Girl I had my first shot in my thumb. Not one person said that the most pain u will ever feel is a shot in your fingers or toes. Girl my drs assistant had dread locks . Poor kid. I'm sure he was in his 30s. But he put that needle in and girl I had to repent! I told him if he didnt get that needle out of my thumb I was gonna pull his dreads out!. Anyone who doesnt have RA will never understand. I have it in my feet to and man oh man there are no words. U be Blessed honey and I added u to my prayer list

  4. When I was growing up my grandma used to say that Arthur was coming for a visit. I always used to look for Arthur. When I got older and was diagnosed with arthritis I finally understood. And Arthur visits a lot. You have my admiration for continuing to do this for us. Thank you

  5. Were y'all from. I would love to send you a gift. I. Make. Ear rings mostly. Native. American. I see you. Always like to wear your apron I. Wear mine. Too. I just love to watch you cook and the way you. And David. Have fun y'all. Are. Great thank you if you have a face book page you can inbox. Me. God bless. Hope your hands feel better soon. I. Will be praying for you and your family. Rebecca. Chase my email is

  6. Happy New Mrs. Brenda David and. Little. Sadie. I so enjoy. Watching y'all. It makes me so home sick. I. Was. Raised in mossy. Hollar out of oak Hill. W va I hope your hands feel better. Honey God bless. All of y'all. Becky. Maybe. You know or heard of my. Family. I a. Decenant of the Lafferty. And. Scarbro. Was. Granny's maiden. Momma. Married into the wade family. I. Would love to hear from ya. One of you #1. Fans. Smiles love y'all.

  7. Best dish ever but I used a can of Dr Pepper instead of Mountain Dew not a fan of it, it was so simple and fast to make , this is the first recipe I evered tried from a site, your the best can't wait to go and try more of your food

  8. If you are having trouble with your hands Brenda take a cup of Epsom salts put it in a pan of warm water warm enough for it to resolve and soak your hands it will take the pain away promise it truly does work and the recipe looks delicious

  9. Put the knife in the drawer in the inside of the paper towel roll. In the cardboard part to protect your hands so you don’t get cut. Also I made the fudge but I had to make sauce it didn’t get hard but it sure was delicious!

  10. u are so funnie ,like me ,,yes lolll love ur show and i pray u will get better with ra,,,,its end of may hope u make some more showa bless u,,my husband loves M,D A, dumplings,,,,

  11. Looks ssooo gooddd!!! Hugs and loves Mrs Brenda and David. We make pepperoni rolls like this with shredded mozzarella all kids of thins u can make I never thought to make apple dumplings. Thanks for this recipe I'm ginna make them for my great nephews and great niece this weekend, something fun to do with the little ones… Praying for y'all both… Again lots of hugs plenty if love your way,
    Crystal from whg, wva

  12. when I can no longer read the numbers on my old measure cups, I use finger nail polish and write the measure back on them. It wont wash off unlike a marker, sticks even in the dishwasher…just my 2 cents.

  13. When David polishes that off I knew it had to be good because I already know, he is not a dessert man so much. I almost expected him to lick the plate…lol
    I wrote this one down, it will be made this week. Thank you both for all the yummy and simple ideas.

  14. Brenda, i feel bad about your RA & fibro pain.
    Have you tried Topricin Fibro pain cream.? My neurologist recommended it for me and believe me it works!
    Just rub it on anywhere that is swollen or bruised or just painful. It takes a few minutes and the pain lessens greatly or vanishes.
    It's all natural and doesn't interfere with meds.
    I use the regular Topricin for cuts, bruises, burns etc.
    NO! I don't work for them nor get compensation for it.
    I just know it's excellent and wanted to pass on what helps me

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