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PRODUCED: Dan Matthews, Phil Wang
EDITED: Christian Soriano
FILMED: Christian Soriano
AUDIO: Alexander Siu
GRAPHICS: Sandy Tsai, Ayako Matsuda, Christian Soriano
SPECIAL THANKS: Wong Fu Productions, The People at Friendship Games, Sekina Ngo, Derek Choi


29 thoughts on “ARE FILIPINOS ASIAN OR PACIFIC ISLANDER? – Level: Asian – Fung Bros”

  1. Only the Filipinos in the US tell themselves they're Pacific Islanders because apparently being an Asian in America is a "bad thing". In the Philippines, all the people consider themselves asians.

  2. Mga tanga!!! Filipino's are ASIANS! FIL-AM Pacific Wannabes who trying to sounds cool. We are from Malay Race. Our ancient kingdoms The kingdom of Tondo or Sultanate of Tondo and Sulu are cousins of Sultan of Brunei like Raja Suleiman and Raja Humabon. We have our own writing system which is called Baybayin with Sanskrit loan writing techniques. We have a direct contact with the Chinese, Japanese, Indians and Even the Arabs for almost a thousand of years. Our land back then are part of Srivajaya Empire of Indonesia. Mothafucking piece of shit self-hating Asian heritage Fil-Am gooks. Even the turks from Turkey have a Asian Ancestry from the Mongolian Steppes and their closest cousins are the Stan Countries of the Central Asia the GOKTURKS. Even the Persians, Indians, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Afhgans are Considered Asians even though they are looked like Aryans.

  3. I'm almost full Filipino with a little Chinese and I live in Hawaii — which is where a lot of different Pacific Islanders live (Micronesian, Samoan, Tongon, etc.). I don't think of myself as a Pacific Islander at all. Sooooo different. When I visited Japan recently, Japanese often referred to me as "Southeast Asians", not sure sure how we somehow got a label to be Pacific Islanders. But, I agree with others, we jungle asians. Rofl

  4. Filipinos in the comments making their case for being Pacific islanders. Y'all funny. You guys try to disassociate yourselves from Asia cause you want to feel unique. Awe how nice.

  5. filipino pehea koe? I'm so sure Filipinos are Asian and Pacific Islander. Filipino population is samle like Palau, Guam, Marianas etc.they is One Race same with My ethnic Māori in NZ With Amen,Love Jesus

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