Arts in Kenya

The artwork goods in Kenya include things like sisal baskets, elephant hair bracelets, Maasai bead jewellery, musical instruments, silver and gold jewellery, soapstone sculptures, wood carvings, tribal masks, Maasai collectible figurines, paintings, prints and sculptures. These artwork goods are out there in the arts and craft marketplaces and outlets during the major tourist facilities of Kenya.

Cloth and Material in Kenya also kind attention-grabbing artwork goods. The cloth and cloth out there in Kenya are batik cloth, kangas (women’s wraparound skirts) with gorgeous designs and even Kenyan proverbs printed on them and kikois (variety of sarong for guys) that arrive in several various colors and textiles. These are excellent artwork goods to get household from your Kenyan journey.

African jewellery has been really well-liked for generations in the world industry. Kenya gives unusual parts of African jewellery that contains cowry shells. Kenya is also recognised for its soapstone carvings uncovered in Western Kenya. It is the Gusii and Abigusii ethnic teams which hand carve these Kissi stones into beautiful parts of Kenyan artwork.


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masai craftwork


Benga is a certainly Kenyan audio design. Benga is large-energy dance audio that originated immediately after the 1940s when Luo musicians commenced taking part in classic tunes with fashionable electrical instruments.

Most other well-liked audio variations have received influences from abroad. Taarab is the classic Swahili audio played at the Kenyan coast, and is seriously motivated by Arabic and Indian audio variations. Lingala – fashionable upbeat celebration audio – arrived from Congo, exactly where the deteriorating political situation designed several artists flee to East Africa. American hip hop and gangsta rap has infiltrated Kenya like a virus. Photographs of 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg are all over the place in Nairobi.


The hypnotic swaying and leaping in Masai and Samburu dancing, are the most effective recognised sorts of Kenyan dancing. In their energetic dancing, warriors screen their energy by leaping large in the air.

The Masai and other tribes execute on a regular basis for vacationers who check out their villages. In tourist venues along the coast, Mijikenda dance teams generally give performances.



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Sigana is a classic general performance artwork which is made up of aspects of all the main Kenya artwork sorts: storytelling, tune, audio, dance, rituals etc. Energetic participation is a essential feature of sigana. The line between performers and viewers is fewer very clear than in several other Kenya artwork sorts.

You will not see these generally along the tourist trails, but the Mzizi Arts Centre in Nairobi  organizes month-to-month Sigana performances.

Theatre and general performance

There are quite a few theatre teams in Kenya, most of them centered in Nairobi. Names to don’t forget are the Mbalamwezi Theatre Group and the Phoenix and Miujiza Gamers. They generally execute at the international cultural centres in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

In Nairobi, there is the Kenya Nationwide Theatre. It is recognised for the controversy it developed with the manufacturing “I Will Marry When I Want” by Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Ngugi wa Mirii, which brought them into confrontation with the governing administration.

Kenyans reportedly also like of satire and stand up comedy. A single well-liked team is Redykuylass (‘Rediculous’) which featured in a weekly Television set system with a blend of political and social satire.


In Kenya, oral narratives are the oldest kind of literature. Oral tales are nevertheless critical in several communities. Published literature, in Swahili and English, emerged in the starting of the twentieth century. However, only immediately after Kenya’s independence (1963) a human body of countrywide literature arrived into getting.

An critical writer (novelist, playwright and essayist) is Ngugi wa Thiong’o. As a baby on missionary university, he was a devout Christian, but later he turned down Christianity and grew to become a fierce critic of colonialism. He altered his title from James Ngugi to Ngugi wa Thiong’o in 1976 and embraced his native Kikuyu lifestyle, as perfectly as Marxism.

While owning published the 1st novel in English by an East African writer – “Weep not, baby” (1964) – he printed his 1st book in Kikuyu in 1980: “Caitaani Muthara-Ini” (Satan on the Cross). He now argued that literature published by Africans in a colonial language is not seriously African literature. In 1992 Ngugi grew to become professor of literature at New York University.



There is a little film industry in Kenya, which is battling to continue to be alive, like somewhere else in Africa. However, a new technology of Kenyan film makers is emerging, inspired by the success of the Nigerian movie industry. A single this kind of film director is Kibaara Kaugi, who in 2004 developed the acclaimed “Sufficient is sufficient” – a narrative of the well-known Mau Mau rebellion – on a negligible finances.

Also, international film makers have utilized Kenya as a backdrop for their performs. The most well-known example is of class Sydney Pollack’s “Out of Africa” (1985) with Merryl Streep and Robert Redford, which is about the life of Danish writer Karen Blixen, who emigrated in the 1910s to Kenya to become a espresso farmer. A modern global movie is “The White Masai” (2005), immediately after the real tale of the Swiss lady Corinne Hofmann who married a Samburu warrior and joined tribal life. There is no pleased ending in this article. These and other videos are reviewed on my videos about Kenya website page.

Some Nairobi cinema homes are 20th Century Cinema (Mama Ngina Avenue), Fox Travel-In Cinema (Thika Street) and Nairobi Cinema (Uchumi Property, Aga Khan Wander).


In Kenya you will discover significantly gorgeous and wonderful craft do the job. It is often astounding to see persons in rags sitting outside the house their ‘home’ (if you could phone it that), and develop wood carved tables and chairs of a natural beauty you will not see wherever in North The usa or Europe.

Most crafts are developed for vacationers. It is most effective to set aside any purist misgivings you could have about their authenticity, and just appreciate them for their possess natural beauty (which they generally have). Evaluate this to American or European lifestyle, which is also eternally creating. The Beatles are just as ‘truly European’ as Beethoven is!

Wood carvings of persons and animals can be bought all over the place. Common are the very prolonged sculptures of women of all ages carrying baskets on their heads.

Soap stone objects are an additional well-liked for of Kenya artwork. Soap stone is mined in western Kenya by the Gusii and Abigusii tribes. They then develop gorgeous sculptures, chess sets etc. from it. Just about every piece is carved separately by the craftsmen and then damp sanded, polished and dyed all by hand. Soap stone goods can be bought all over the place in Kenya.

Jewelry (generally in the kind of beads) are an additional Kenyan speciality and they can be bought in all colours of the rainbow. Jewelry is critical in African lifestyle. A great deal Kenyan jewellery is made up of cowry shells. They are not only gorgeous but also symbolic.

Masai spears and shields are also well-liked souvenirs. But 1st examine with your air firm and your customs irrespective of whether you can get them household. Another remedy is owning them despatched household by mail. Some tourist outlets offer this choice.

KT23008.jpg14 inch brown-black stripped wood zebra experience mask. Fantastically intended to expose facial functions. Fantastic for presents, decorations or as collectors merchandise.


18 by 24 inch on wallpaper. Gorgeous blended medium artwork shows a gentleman requesting permission to aid a lady.


2 ebony 9 inch candle holders. Gorgeous spiral-snake layout with organization foundation. Intricate artwork do the job with an excellent end. Fantastic for presents, decorations or as collectors merchandise. (1 pair)

KT67231.jpgCrimson/black-coloured 4 inch round box with lid. Carved from soapstone. The etching reveals a classic African dancer. The lid has a choose-up that presents an elephant perception. Fantastic for storing jewellery.

KT67225.jpg5 inch gorgeous multi-coloured soapstone bowl with watchful etchings that outline the silhouette tree and the endangered black African rhino. The colors are a blend of pink-purple-black. Fantastic match with similar coloured vase and goblet. The manage is carved into a swan’s head. The accuracy concerned in the earning of this product can be displayed by the perfection in the swan’s invoice and eyes. Fantastic for presents and decorations.

KT23103.jpgMeticulously carved 8 inch Ujama (pronounced uh-ja-maa) family members village figurine. Carved from Ebony wood. Gorgeous and watchful layout reveals members of a family members all related with each other, symbolic of relationships. Ujama arrives from the foundation word jama meaning “family members relation”. Ujama was a form of division of labor and proceeds went towards the prolonged family members and persons dwelling in the village. Fantastic for presents, decorations or as collectors merchandise. Incredibly symbolic piece of artwork.

KT67200.jpgMarble appear alike 2 inch candleholder. Made from Asian* soapstone. The holder has a organization prolonged foundation for drip collection and mesh like layout. (4 parts)

Marble appear alike 6 inch Asian* soapstone elephant carving. The elephant sculpture is carefully carved to expose specifics like ivory tusks, trunk and ears.

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