Asian Cooking Style

Asian cuisine has become a very famous food known to the world. It has brought splendid good memory of the great mouthwatering taste. The favorite sort after cuisines are form countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India and Japan. There are few other countries' food that has started to attract the attention of the world like food from the golden triangle countries, that is Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Rice is the staple food and common among the Asian countries, therefore dishes cooked in Asian cuisine are always served with rice or noodles. Even rice by itself has a great many types with different cooking style in the different countries. Experience the aroma and different texture of different types of rice in different way of cooking will certainly make you come back for this great food of the Asian countries.

In Asian countries, the ingredients prepared are normally fresh from the market. From generations to generations, it has been a home cook recipes where the ingredients such as fruits and vegetables are easily found in the garden or the field nearby the house. Herbs and spices are also the common ingredients used by the Asian in the delicious dishes cooked.

The Asian style of cooking method though has created different types of great taste, we understand that the ingredients are generally common and easy to find in any part of the world. There is no secret to the great taste as today we are pampered with many choices of canned, frozen ingredients or the ready made paste available to cook a good Asian cuisine anywhere, anytime we want.

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