Eastern Food Las Las Vega – Eric Dish Time #276

My kid just recently transformed 21, so it was time for a Las Las vega food, beverage, & event journey.
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41 thoughts on “Eastern Food Las Las Vega – Eric Dish Time #276”

  1. I think it's great that you took him to Vegas for turning 21! I did things with my dad when he was alive & I miss him VERY much! He was my best friend!

  2. Actually another reason to learn how to use them is on a survival situation, for example say your out in the woods, you've caught, or have your meal but you forgot your silverware. Just go to the nearest tree such as oak or maple, break off a couple of sticks and you have chopsticks!

  3. Fortune cookies is an American invention. They don't exist in China. Also where do you live in California that you can't find good Asian food.

    You need to visit Korea Town in LA, Westminster for Vietnamese food and Monterey Park for Chinese. Sounds like you haven't really been to a lot of the Asian communities.

    To say California or Southern California doesn't have good Asian food is just wrong.

  4. Ya'll need to chill out and learn how to take a joke. Society has grown far too soft. Also, mad funny when dudesgotit did the chinese accent Lmao

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