Asian Food Grocer Huge Haul Pt. 1

I ordered almost $70 worth of snacks and drinks and only paid $6.95 for shipping! I don’t know if they’re running a deal or what, but I love that the shipping is really great. They shipped really fast and everything arrived in great condition! I’ve also emailed them with questions a few times and they’re really good about responding. Their website is and you should absolutely check them out!

Here’s what I ordered:
1. Hata Original Ramune Soda
2. Hata Ramune Soda Peach
3. Ramune Soda Raspberry
4. Hata Ramune Soda Muscat
5. Hata Ramune Soda Blueberry
6. Yogu Time White Peach
7. Yogu Time Strawberry
8. Calpico Original Water
9. Tennenkoubo Japanese Brown Sugar Bread
10. Tennenkoubo Japanese Chocolate Bread
11. Tennenkoubo Japanese Ogura Bread
12. Tennenkoubo Japanese Maple Bread
13. Daiichipan Melon Bread
14. Coconut Jelly Cup
15. Fruit Flavored Popsicles
16. Tohato Salty Rings Sweet Potato
17. Puccho Stick Limited World Flavor
18. Puccho Stick Green Apple
19. Chocolate Teramisu Toppo
20. Kasugai 5 Ren Mix Gummy
21. Ramune Whistle Candy
22. Kabaya Saku Panda Chocolate Cookie
23. Glico Roasted Pretz
24. Glico Mixed Berry Cheesecake Collon
25. Glico Strawberry Collon
26. Glico Chocolate Collon
27. Glico Cream Collon
28. Gloco Salad Pretz
29. Glico Potato Spicky Sour Cream
30. Glico Potato Spicky Black Pepper Garlic
31. Glico Potato Spicky Original
32. Glico Potato Spicky BBQ
33. Glico Potato Spicky Hot & Spicy Chicken

Song #1: Lucifer by SHINee
Song #2: Ring Ding Dong by SHINee

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44 thoughts on “Asian Food Grocer Huge Haul Pt. 1”

  1. You got seriously ripped off with what you got for 70.00. I live in LA and that stuff would maybe come to 25.00. Those drinks are around 1.35-1.50 each in one of three markets and the bread comes to 1.50 and the other candy and snacks are no more than 2.50 for any of the items. Geez!

  2. i love ramune ^_^ i tried it today 😀 the bottle had a different looking label from the one you had on ur ramune ^_^ i bought the strawberry flavor and tried it for the first time i enjoyed it 🙂

  3. I did not, BUT that's probably because I live in the United States and the company "Asian Food Grocer" is in the United States as well. There may be a duty fee if they ship outside of the country. 😉

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