Asian Food Grocer Japanese Snack Haul

I filmed this quickly by hand, because at the time I had no other way to do it, but for some reason I felt like unboxing it on cam. I’m weird.

I love getting a box in the mail from Asian Food Grocer! We will be posting some snack reviews on our site. For now check out our blog post on what we got:

Check out for our blog of geeky awesomeness.



7 thoughts on “Asian Food Grocer Japanese Snack Haul”

  1. is this a safe site I really want to buy but I'm scared because I don't want to cause a problem and have to explain to my mom, I'm 18 but still, my mom runs the money stuff.

  2. I never received my product. I received my package without the knife in it. I contacted the website through email. AsianFoodGrocer insist that they have a "secure procedure warehouse in place and items scan indicates they were process". I'm letting other people know do not buy more than 3 items at a time in one package, most likely 1 or 2 items will never make it to you like what happened to me. If an item goes missing you will not get a refund either. Expect to loose money if you order more than 1 product at a time.

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