Asian Food in Abu Dhabi – Affordable and Tasty

So guys we’re going now toAsian plates restaurant some of the excellent Thailandrestaurant here in Abu Dhabi so the we’re going to check out their meals surely we now have already tried it earlier than, however we will be able to try it again i’m here now with Mr. JY, my brother Jayson Y, see you later so guys we’re here now in Asian plates, it can be kinda sizzling today, that is why you’ll find my sweat even my brother on the back sweating, so right here we’re we gonna try the Asian plates in reality the food have been delicious right here, i will show it to you later So guys we’re here, we ordered our meals already, in a while i’ll exhibit you what did we order whilst ready for our order, wait ya let me take some first mmm, they have got furnished these to us Chips, it can be like a tempura chips, appetizer, with some shrimp paste, it is an appetizer so let’s are trying it it can be kinda crispy ya, i will permit you to hear it mmm So our meals is already here, will show it to you later so guys i’ll show you what kind of meals they have, so right here Thai Singapore chinese Indonesia Philippineswhich just isn’t us, and Vietnam so it’s more on asian worldwide, and more on thailand food more commonly thailand meals, very excellent meals if you want them to supply, they have a free supply, there you go, you’ll discover the number, simply learn it and pause the video, and you will discover the quantity, truely guys they are in Zomato also, if you wish to have order from zomato, should you consider lazy due to the fact that of hotness in UAE at the moment, it is so humid, just order from there so there you guys, our meals is in the end right here, they quite serve it quickly, probably not even ten minutes probably not even 5 minutes, they have served our food, they are cooker is cooking master boy yeah, it can be cooking grasp boy, it’s delicious here.I assurance you, k let’s consume so guys this is the vegetable spring roll in Tagalog, shanghai, no it can be a chinese, oh it is chinese language sorry, we Filipinos simply borrowed that word, everyone knows that chinese are conquering us, which is the sad reality vegatable spring rolls, let’s are attempting it, it is so good guys now with sauce guys that is the exceptional part in UAE, if you can see their serving, it can be a lot, it is just right for 4 character, let me exhibit you the serving, there you go, it’s lots, it can be good for 4 person but, we best ordered excellent for 2, if you happen to guys eat rather a lot like us, it can be gonna be excellent for us, that is right guys, that is the sizzling basil with pork, sorry red meat with hot basil, it’s slight spicy sorry I do not know if it’s the correct pronounciation however it’s so good, let me show you, there you go if you happen to guys cannot to find this restaurant, here is their handle, vacationer club field close Capital resort mina avenue, so it can be handiest here around Ramada around Mina before the Corniche Park, so simply come, if you don’t know, there simply search it in google for certain this is a Google map, there as you can see, it can be a google map, or scan that QR simply pause, and scan it okay guys, I’ve ordered one more rice, due to the fact they may be food is so good, and it can be lots, it’s fairly no longer ample rice and it can be the sort of waste if we do not conclude these, and you recognize filipinos loves rice so much, food is lifestyles so guys there you go, we simply completed eating, my brother fell asleep considering the fact that of fullness so we particularly finished it all, their meals is rather just right so go determine it out someday, even the shanghai even the vegetable we fairly completed it, it’s valued at it hi, what’s your name, yeah my title is lina, lina, guys high-quality provider with the aid of her, so if you wish to go right here, simply find her and a really first-rate provider by means of her So, what’s your identify once more, Rice, this is Rice, the supervisor of this restaurant, anything you wanna say to our viewers might be simply find him and theyhave a quality carrier right here so yeah the food is relatively first-rate also we’re reallygonna go back right here we will tell it to our acquaintances so that they are going to come and seek advice from your restaurantthank you so guys we’re going again dwelling now, if you wanna are trying that restaurant so simply attempt to talk over with, their food high-quality was fairly good we’re particularly full we really finished the food unless the last chunk, so now we will be able to just walk so and no need for bus, in order that the meals will get digested and so yeah if you are new to thischannel please do hit that subscribe button below and for those who like this video sure i’m repeating should you like thisvideo please do hit that like button or share it along with your friends and don’t forget tosubscribe bear in mind to subscribe more movies to comeI’ll see you in the subsequent one

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