Asian Food stuff, Japanese Food stuff, Awesome Cooking Techniques

If you like watching Asian Street Food stuff Video, you are discovering the suitable put. In right here we did the Fast Food stuff Street in Asia, in particular Cambodian Food stuff.

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44 thoughts on “Asian Food stuff, Japanese Food stuff, Awesome Cooking Techniques”

  1. Those people in the first video looked depressed, bored, like they are just recovering a hangover, the only person that seemed into it was the dude far right, damn.

  2. Over priced, half of it cold, and some veg not even cooked. If that is your idea of an evening out with friends – go ahead – it's not mine. I personally prefer piping hot food delivered direct to my table ready to eat, and if the 'chefs' want to play the fool let them do that in the kitchens.

  3. In the first Videoclip the people in the background are like ; pretty good yes *clap clap
    I'd be like ; WOW MAAAN THAT'S AMAAAZING *cheering and claping

  4. Holy fucking fuck you beat the fuck out of your knife on a metal plane? What the holy fuck is wrong with the world where this is acceptable?
    You're killing yourself and you don't believe it!

  5. C'est de la cuisine ou du cirque ? Franchement tout ce cinéma pour un peu de viande mal cuite et des légumes brulés, pas de quoi se relever la nuit.

  6. Okay that first one first became amazing, when he started juggling around with the Egg Yolk without breaking it, that was awesome!!! And when he started flipping the bowl!!!

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