Asian Foods Struggle – Asia-Pacific Standpoint

Welcome back again to The Asia-Pacific Standpoint, that regular monthly clearly show exactly where James Corbett of and Broc West of apperspective.internet break down all the most up-to-date news and headlines from the Asia-Pacific location. This month:

Story #1:
GMO Eggplant Identified to be Unsafe for Human Intake, Ecosystem

Japan cancels tender to order U.S. GMO wheat

‘Eat and Support’ #Fukushima Rice, Without Being aware of and Without Choice

Story #2:
Japan finds extremely poisonous strontium in #Fukushima groundwater

(An additional) Leak discovered at #Fukushima Daiichi desalting system

Govt secretly backtracks on #Fukushima decontamination objective

Japan PM encourages nuclear exports at central Europe summit


21 thoughts on “Asian Foods Struggle – Asia-Pacific Standpoint”

  1. Broc, thanks for replying, and I'm glad my criticism's been taken in the right way; text can be very abrasive.

    I would add, that there has been a big improvement from the early shows, and I enjoy the content.

    I'm especially interested in the Fukishima disaster, which appears to generate little interest in the MSM, and both your perspectives on the Asia-Pacific region, which is becoming more important all the time.

    Once again, thanks.

  2. Fuck the NSA.
    Why the fuck is Melbourne so full of Chinese restaurants with a Japanese name on the door but everything on the menu just taste like Chinese food? They don't even try to use real Japanese ingredients, not even the right soy-a-sauce.
    & why the fuck are there so many Chinese coffee shops where all but one that I've tried in the past 20yrs, have no clue on how to make a good coffee?
    They make coffee the way Europeans think u make rice:
    i.e. just boil & serve.

  3. Hi Broc, I am excited to see your reply! Yes, I very much enjoy your and James' show. I found out that you both are very honest, objective, and diligent journalists who speak the truth. We need more of this kind of reporters nowadays.

  4. Alzheimers is when aluminum particles are found in the brain disrupting it's function. Nobody really knows how the aluminum particles get there, but some won't use aluminum foil or pans. Diabetes is when the pancreas can no longer make enough insulin thus it canot regulate sugar levels in the bloodstream which is the main fuel for our mitochondria (little power plans) in each cell to make energy so our muscles can move.

  5. I know people may dismiss Leuren Moret. I listen to her whenever I can — listen, and think. She said immediately that the entire West Coast of North America, and Hawaii, should have been immediately evacuated and are now essentially useless, in perpetuity. I thought, well, it will be like France for Tchernobyl, lying about an "anti-cyclone" in order for there to be "business as usual."

  6. The U.S. is owned by central bankers a.k.a. "Illuminati". Their Agenda 21 intended to starve the population to death through lack of nutrition needs to meet stiffer resistance although some countries are finally seeing through their nefarious plans.

  7. When the "news" is finally released of Fukishima radiation on the western shore of the USA, the housing market in Cali etc will implode.

    This is a likely scenario to set off the "collapse".

  8. Fukishima has been spewing in the Pacific since day one. All these lies about the water being contained is nothing short of criminal – just to keep TEPCO in the good 'ole boys' club.

  9. Westinghouse (owned by Toshiba) and partnered with GE. Now you know why Abe was shoved down the Japanese's throats.

  10. Fine you eat it. Even Obama won't eat it, they are eating organic produce grown on the whitehouse lawn.
    That is how concerned the president is that his own family not eat this toxic crap.

  11. It's up to American farmers to push back against these monstrosities! We are killing ourselves with these frankenfoods. We all need to support local organic farmers.

  12. We have a new propaganda push in the UK with our Environment Secretary saying GM crops are safer than conventional crops… so maddening that these people have no shame in running completely counter to the evidence on every topic.

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