Asian garden littleton new hampshire Terrible!!!

This is the kitchen of the so called pleasant resturant. THIS IS THE Kitchen! Appreciate For licensing / use, please contact


36 thoughts on “Asian garden littleton new hampshire Terrible!!!”

  1. I got here after looking for the "Dirty Chinese Restaurant" game trailer. Apparently the Chinese are upset that it portrays them unfairly.

  2. Gordon Ramsay would have shut this place down.  Why didn't you clean the filth from under the counter top if you cleaned this place 3 months ago?    This is really revolting.    We have some pretty disgusting eating joints in my town too, but yet our inspector seems to want to make excuses for these places.  She must be scheduling the inspections before hand to give them time to clean up their acts, here.    She should be eating in this one Asian restaurant because I don't care how big and bad their washing machine is,  dirty dishes still come out of it. .    And if she ate there like I DID,  she would be eating  room temperature food and no water in the steam tables.   The food taste like it was made 2 or 3 days before.  Otherwise there are a few food items that they have to make fresh such as Egg Foo Young which is delicious.   The food that they have to make fresh always comes out late.  Anymore they serve nothing but slop except a very few food items.

  3. Pretty sure the guy who filmed this is a piece of shit who hits people with cars intentionally and was charged with a hate crime not long ago. I'm glad this choad got fired. Have fun getting fucked in jail, faggot.

  4. We used to eat at this place every weekend coming back from VT. After this posted in 2015, we've never been back.
    I think they are actually still open but we would never go back.
    The sad part is this is likely true of 'many' restaurant kitchens. 🙁

  5. And they were getting good reviews now you all dumb ass are eating the food that is more dirtier than my toilet bowl Bon appetite Dumb ass people giving good review now y'all can go out your own feet in your mouth

  6. well since no one knows how restuarants like this nasty one always survives and never closes down it's because the inspectors sometimes takes bribes from the owners seen it in real time

  7. Chinese people are just dirty filthy people by nature. This is pretty much the norm for all Chinese restaurants. Within the last 2 years 3 have been shut down in my area for similar violations. The worst was when a customer caught one of them actually recycling food . He was looking for the bathroom and wandered down the back hall. He said he looked into the kitchen window and saw they were taking un eaten food off customers plates and putting it back into the food bins , he called the police who intern called the city health department. 3/4 of the staff didn't even have legal status in the USA

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