ASIAN Meals Current market HEAVEN!!!!

June 30th, 2015 // Working day 273
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19 thoughts on “ASIAN Meals Current market HEAVEN!!!!”

  1. the ketshup is a brand from Puerto Rico…. the rice taste Arroz Rico … spanish stores… please do it … good luck…

  2. and i feel you did an injustice to asian markets. it's not about junk food. i go to my asian markets for fresh vegetables and delicious sides made regularly. shame on you for letting some other human being dictate what you broadcast

  3. Awww i dont always leave comments but im just cant stop smiling when i see your smile. You mirth is so infectious!! Have a good good day

  4. Us men buy what we want and what we need…beer, chips, dips, cookies, sodas, meat, pies, frozen pizza, beef jerky, etc. Nice video!

  5. Can some one go more into detail about all the fish cakes and fish balls. I now only eat fish and would love to change it up with different fish products.

  6. I have 2 Korean mall areas where I live that has restaurants and markets ….one about 20 minutes away and then another where my aunt lives which is 15-20 minutes from her house

  7. I'm going to a Korean market today for the first time and get stuff I'm so excited and the girl reminds me of the girl from the Asian market

  8. 글쎄요? 이곳의대부분은 한국에는없는 중국에서 만들어진 가짜 한국산인것같습니다.

  9. what is all with this white people trying to be asian listen to this song by bryson tyller and if your white you will understand no affence

  10. During 2012 I would always got to Asian markets without seeing anybody who isn't Asian or didn't look like an Asian but now the seen horde is growing the weebs are here

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