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Asia’s road food delicacies are planet-renowned. From scorpions to bugs, every location has its specialty. Street food is not just delicacies – it is a section of cultural identity.

Food stuff trucks and road suppliers all have a tale to notify. And to investigate Asian road food is to find out about a modern society and its society, heritage and politics.

Journey throughout four Asian international locations and investigate the range of the road food custom, from the staples served up for vacationers to the secrets of Xinjiang delicacies. But it is not just about the food cooking can be an escape from poverty. Saiyuud Diwong, who grew up in the slums of Bangkok, now rubs shoulders with the likes of Jamie Oliver. She’s also printed a reserve and operates a cookery college.

At a bazaar in Xinjiang, at the coronary heart of the Silk Highway, we meet up with Alimu, whose specialty is lamb kebabs. And we take a look at Japan, to see how a basic ramen noodle soup is created.

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19 thoughts on “Asian road food | DW Documentary”

  1. DW documentaries are great! It shows different sides to a story, and a genuine concern with the people/ issues at hand. Of course, occasionally things are seen through coloured lens, but so are all news, documentaries, etc.

    Especially compared with American ones… which are often shallow, hosts more concerned with being celebrities than telling the stories of people they're interviewing, and mostly done for entertainment sake.

  2. Thanks for the film! My mouth's watering just looking at it! Asian street food is da best ) you, gentlemens, have a great job, travel around Asia and try different Asian cuisines ))

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