Asian Road Foodstuff – Speedy Foodstuff Road in Asia, Cambodian meals #08

If you like seeing Asian Road Foodstuff Online video, you are discovering the suitable spot. In right here we did the Speedy Foodstuff Road in Asia, primarily Cambodian Foodstuff.

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17 thoughts on “Asian Road Foodstuff – Speedy Foodstuff Road in Asia, Cambodian meals #08”

  1. Love all this kind of stalls very good sea foods the stalls holder work very hard Bless them all have a happy life thank you good video .

  2. Now that's Food poisoning in the waiting! Shellfishes and mollusks were supposed to be REFRIGERATED and NOT exposed to the sun and humid heat….Eating this is a quick trip to the Hospital's E.R. and the doctors there pumping your stomach out! That's just playing Russian Roulette with 5 bullets instead of one!

  3. Food looks on point and this guys a ninja with his cooking skills and packing cook / stack / pack

    Cook / stack / pack like a robot

    Nice video !!!!

  4. deym we have plenty of these nails in our ricefield .. but we didn't even dare to cook it.. so its edible… hmmnn

  5. The food looks delicious but I would be hesitate to eat because of all the street dusts and the vendor is using her bare hands to count money and to pick up your food to serve.

  6. is the dried squid good? It looks like it would be similar to a thin jerky. Everything looks delicious thank you for making these videos.

  7. To the camera holder/person, (constructive criticsim) in future please ensure you hold the camera in stable hands. Move your camera slowly as so to not shake the camera and don't swing the camera too much. Focus on certain objects or things you want to capture and what is important. Sorry, I'm not saying you can record a video, but it takes certain ways to make a video worth viewing because as a viewer its a bit dizzy.

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