Asian Street food, Cambodian Market, meat and vegetables


14 thoughts on “Asian Street food, Cambodian Market, meat and vegetables”

  1. all they said nice… dam fuck.. in hindusiam (sanatan dharm ) there is no right to cut animals. but many hindus eat chiken now but acient time not because of sharing country with muslims and christans

  2. Please put english subtitle name the fruits, vegetables, fish, ingredients, etc. and discribe it ; it's been a long time that foreign viewers requested a subtitle but request remain a request is there any cambodian who knows how to tranlate your videos in english that you always post w/out english subtitle ,you and people in cambodia are only the one who understand each other most of your subscribers and viewers are in foreign countries and you know english is international language these was been created so that people of different languages can understand each other, there are some countries their people never attend or go on schooling because of too much poverty but they can speak even a little and simple english that's why I wonder how come other countries don't , this is all miss jen I hope you don' get mad at me I'm your aid fan, viewers and subcribers ; you know ?Good day and more power to your channel, God bless you and your people.

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