Asian Street Food – Rapid Food Street in Asia, Cambodian food items #129

If you like seeing Asian Street Food Video clip, you are getting the suitable area. In listed here we did the Rapid Food Street in Asia, primarily Cambodian Food.

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39 thoughts on “Asian Street Food – Rapid Food Street in Asia, Cambodian food items #129”

  1. and another thing, why are you people complaining and bashing? This food is much better than the fast food crap, and I mean crap, that is served here in the usa by mcdonalds, burger king, long john silvers, etc. I won't eat out, I have no idea what I'm being served or how it is prepared. The processed food here in the U.S. is killing us and we don't even know it. One of the only places I will eat out is waffle house or steak and shake, at least you can see the food as they prepare it for you.

  2. what is the green twigs? bamboo? I thought at first it was green beans, but the length and shape is not quite right for green beans. Whatever it is, it looks good, I love vegetables and hot spices.

  3. Yes it might not be the most hygenic kitchen set ups… but consider this. These people hardly use any processed food, they don't have a concept of "organic" because FOOD is supposed to be fucking ORGANIC! And woks are very very hot and so the food itself will not harbor as much bacteria as you think. So as long as the plates and cutlery are clean you're fine. Furthermore this is light years better compared to western standards where they feed you chemically synthesized processed crap that has had most of the nutrients squeezed out of it and replaced with artificial flavoring and preservatives that are designed to be addictive. It's reached a point of stupidity in the West where "organic" food is considered a rare delicacy! LOL!…. WTF is food supposed to be?

  4. He is a nasty cook..doesn't clean wok between orders, I am highly allergic to seafood…so I wouldn't want him cooking for me..

  5. is it really that hard to use different spoons for each spice cup? its just 5 more spoons damn it dont put one spoon in everything.

  6. Why? Do you keep turning heat blow torching the pan up and down ? Keep it at a medium heat and let the food cook. Yu people work the food and yourself to death.  Don't use so much oil either. Smh

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