Asian Vegetable Herb Backyard garden Tour-Cooking What You Improve-Vietnamese Food items Recipes

Natural and organic Asian Vegetable Herb Backyard garden Tour. How to prepare dinner what you grow. Delightful Vietnamese Food items Recipes


17 thoughts on “Asian Vegetable Herb Backyard garden Tour-Cooking What You Improve-Vietnamese Food items Recipes”

  1. Do you know where i can buy the Vietnamese cilantro seeds so i can plant some next year ? I used to live next door to a Vietnamese family and Nam used to invite me over to eat often. Do you have a recipe for octopus soup? Maybe it was in Hu tu soup? Thank you !

  2. That is an amazing Asian garden!! Now I know how to keep the paddy herb alive! Going to try that method! And your lemon grass and mints etc looks so lush! Great job!!

  3. Hi Mai, i want to ask you if its possible for you to make a chiffon orange cake. My husband and i are going to celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary at the end of october and that is the cake we had at our wedding reception then, and it was so good, it was the first time i'd taste an orange cake, i never thought it would be that good. Please do NOT a to complicate recipe because i would like to make it at home for my husband. Thanks and have a wonderful week-end . ♥

  4. Thanks so much for sharing Mom's garden with us all. We have a few of the herbs growing as well as lots of lemongrass and the hot peppers. We can grow enough to last all winter. What a joy to see a garden like your Mom's.

  5. wow, what a great garden, & wonderful mother. as much as I enjoy your cooking videos I would like you to add some gardening video also since you have such a great garden. What garden zone are you in.?

  6. Love your Mom's garden – WOW ! ! !  Great video too – you did a wonderful job showing how it starts to how it's used in a finish dish – Very Impressive!

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