Asian Ways of Cooking, Eating and Sharing

Asia, as one of the largest continent across the globe also consists of the most mixed cultures in the world. Owing to this phenomenal, this continent contains lots of wonders in the region, besides the cultures, are the food they eat, the way they cook and how Asian shares their food knowledge.

Asian basically divided into few group of people namely, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Philippines, Vietnamese, Pakistan and other groups.

In asian recipes, it is all depend on the different cultures; chicken can be cooked in different ways with different tastes. One thing for certain is that Asian uses lots of spices and herbs in their cooking. Not forgetting the chilli.

Steaming is one of the popular ways of cooking where the nutrients of the food will be preserved before it is put into the mouth for the digestion process. This style of preparing the dish is mainly found in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisines.

Another astonishing way of maintaining its nutrient in the food is to eat it raw, just like the "sashimi" or raw fish in Japanese cuisines. This kind of eating is really a good way to appreciate the meal. While eating the fish as it is, another group of Asian eat vegetables raw with gravy of chilli to the taste. These are among some of the healthy eating habits in Asian Cuisine.

Color of the food is very important in terms of various nutrients it contain. Chilli being widely used in Malay, Indonesian and Thai recipes. Besides the spicy effect, it also mixed with lots of spices to make the dish wonderful.

I may not be born in the culture of appreciating chilli, but growing up in the countries of appreciating chilli as one of the important ingredients in cooking, i like every aspect of chili cooking from the green curry, red curry to the ultimate tom yam and home-best curry noodles.

Appreciating the uniqueness in Asian cooking, cuisines and eating habits will make us more aware of its cultures and the way Asian share their hospitality through their food.

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