Attempting Asian Treats (Asian Foodstuff Grocer)

Asian Foodstuff Grocer, your 1-quit-shop for Japanese sweet, treats, soda and far more: (connection to on line retail outlet).

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46 thoughts on “Attempting Asian Treats (Asian Foodstuff Grocer)”

  1. Yasss! My best friend and I discovered wasabi peas in intermediate/middle school and always buy them. Hi from New Zealand, by the way! :3

  2. Omg that Meiji Gummy Choco is one of my favorite chocolates and are everywhere in Singapore, little pricey but so good.

    Also, yes there are small tomato Pretz, in Singapore, it's everywhere too. Really good.

  3. I remember the "White Rabbit" "milk" candies, they're very big in China, it's one of those things where you could binge-eat them for an entire day and then be content with never eating them again. As far as the super-hardness of it, you have to kind of let it sit in you mouth for a minute like a jaw-breaker and slowly work it down until it gets soft enough to chew. But yeah, definitely not my favorite.

  4. White rabbits are AMAZING when they're not cold (which makes them go hard), I get them whenever I'm in chinatown

  5. Hi! I'm Japanese and love watching you reviewing Japanese snacks and all. If you need any help to translate Japanese instruction to English, I can help!

  6. Something labelled gluten free! I've always wanted an Asian food crate but so much has either got gluten or I can't read the ingredients.
    And I'm not trying to be a gluten free bum, it's not a choice. Don't want gut cancer lol

  7. Oooh white rabbit candies are a childhood favorite of mine 🙂 You're actually supposed to suck on it because it's covered in something similar to rice paper

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