Authentic Chinese Food items — My Beloved Restaurant in Taiwan — Only $3!

This street food stuff restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is completely amazing. The cooking of the a la carte dishes is totally amazing. The foods is pretty inexpensive, a massive meal fees me involving $2-$4 dependent on what I buy. There is a extensive wide variety of dishes to decide on from, from vegetable dishes, to pork dishes, to fish dishes. You get a massive thing of rice to go with it and ice tea is complementary. It is also open up 24 several hours, what more could you talk to for? This is the authentic deal Chinese food.


40 thoughts on “Authentic Chinese Food items — My Beloved Restaurant in Taiwan — Only $3!”

  1. This is a restaurant called “96 congee and side dishes”(you can have rice but not congee of couse). And one of the reason your meal is so cheap because the first 4 vegetables you picked are all season vegetables.

  2. The thing about opting for veg-messes over hunks 'o meat is that you do get hungry two hours after eating. No wonder CC is back there again after just having eaten.

  3. this was a good video but i would take the other fish, how long again to you can go back to thailand, long live Kurds in turkey iraq and syria. from north west iraq on turkish and syrian border living in europe here.

  4. Wonderful!! I'm salivating just watching this – and that fish looks incredible as well… loving this video Charlie; wish I was there with you & enjoying it, Buddy!!

  5. I believe these a la carte restaurants exist all over Taiwan, as I'm seeing many other incarnations of this type of place all over Kiaohsiung. Perhaps some of my Taiwanese viewers can give more info about these places. I've eaten here many times and every dish I had was excellent and it is all so cheap, you even get the free wheat tea with it. Great food and great value!
    P.S. I don't know the name of this place as everything is in Chinese characters but it is a few blocks north of the Liuhe Night Market.

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