Beautiful Minamo Japanese restaurant in Barcelona!

1 of the most wonderful foods we have had in a ver long time. It was so specific! This is what we ate:


Gouthier Oyster fantasy with wild salmon caviar, avocado product and sea h2o foam.
Mini-bowl of dashi broth with crayfish.
Micro – combined seafood.
Bluefin tuna tartare with avocado product, yuzu foam and Riofrío caviar.
Crouton of smoked eel.
Apple, ginger and gold spherification.
Teriyaki Rooster skewers with sweet potato foam and vegetable tempura.
Sashimi. Bluefin tuna, wild Alaska salmon and wild sea bass flower.
Assortment of Sushi,
Bluefin tuna, wild Alaska salmon and smoked eel nigiris.
California shrimp tempura roll with crispy nori seaweed.
Bluefin tuna and wild Alaska salmon with mango tempura makis.
Chocolate Coulant.
Apotheosis of exotic fresh new fruits, mango and coconut cones, black sesame pudding, tiny pina colada with coconut foam and Zacapa Centenario Rum caviar.
Zen backyard – Petit fours.


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