Becoming a Food Vendor – 3 Steps to Success As a Food Vendor

Becoming a food vendor may be one of the most interesting things you could ever do in your life. The reason being is, if you are a people person like me, becoming a food vendor allows for you to be constantly outside around with people and best of all, you can observe and watch the everyday life behavior of the general public! In addition to those positive points, by becoming a food vendor you can also earn up to $ 1000 a day. This is no joke.

So picture this again, enjoying yourself by being surrounded by people as well as being given the opportunity to observe people (aka people watch, not in the stalker-like form!)) And the bonus of it all, you could earn a potential income of up to $ 1000 dollars per day! Now who would not want that kind of job? Becoming a food vendor can be very rewarding.

Here are 3 simple secrets to becoming a food vendor and beating your competition soundly!

  • For one, repeat customers will mostly revolve around the quality and taste of your food products. Spend some time fine-tuning your recipes. Customers remember bad experiences, and there is usually lots of competition they can choose instead.
  • Find a location that has little or no competition at all. Examples of this could be by the park, by a school or office, or even at a construction site where there is bound to be a number of hungry people so increasing your selling potential!
  • You have to also be smart when becoming a food vendor as you have to observe your demographics and sell your food products accordingly. For example, if your neighborhood has a higher number of Muslims and Jews, it would not be wise to sell pork hot dogs or non-kosher food products! You have to be aware of your surroundings to make the best out of your food vendor experience!


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