BEST All You Can Consume BUFFET in Hong Kong!

This all you can consume buffet was such an EXCELLENT discover below in Hong Kong. If you are ever before in the location, you have actually obtained ta go attempt it out.

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20 thoughts on “BEST All You Can Consume BUFFET in Hong Kong!”

  1. Here’s the pro tip to stomach the most in buffet. 1) In this order; start with pure meat, sashimi, seafood, cured meat, red and white meat. 2) meat mixed with carbs; 3) noodle/rice with meat, meat pastry. 4) Carbs/fibre; bread, veg, salad, sushi. 5) Liquid; soup. 6) Sugar; desserts. Eat as much as you like at each stage but the most critical is step 1; if stuff in all the meat u can, the rest just falls in place nicely. At any point, order hot green/chamomile tea or just any plain tea to help digestion.

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