Finest Chinese Food in LA|Mukbang|Consuming Program

Finest Chinese Food in LA|Mukbang|Consuming Program.
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Stephanie Soo.
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Beverly Hills, CA90212


32 thoughts on “Finest Chinese Food in LA|Mukbang|Consuming Program”

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  2. For anyone watching this late like me but r in a similar situation, this is my advice: NO NEED TO TELL THE WIFE WHO IS PREGGS… if the girl was SO worried abt the wife’s feelings, she should have denied his request to meet him @ the ABB… telling the wife while she’s preggs & having the most memorable time in her life would accomplish what exactly by telling her? If he’s a cheat, he’ll get caught eventually…

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  4. Enjoy your show Stephanie. You would make a wonderful and successful Chef and living in Los Angeles is a great opportunity to enroll at Universities like UCLA and pursue your career goal(s). All the best.

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