Best Chinese Restaurant: Kai – Gordon Ramsay

Gordon ramsay takes a trip to, chinese restaurant, Kai.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain’s best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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20 thoughts on “Best Chinese Restaurant: Kai – Gordon Ramsay”

  1. Well I checked their menu and prices out online, you'd need to be prepared to fork out possibly £200 or more for a meal for two with decent wine. Good food should not be for the rich only, there should be tasty wholesome Chinese food at reasonable prices, that even those from China would rate. London now is just becoming the rip off capital of Europe

  2. please don't call these kinds of shit "Chinese Food", its an insult. You wanna eat real Chinese food? gotta go to China. Oversea Chinese food are all localized. I have never seen a dish called "Mongolian beef" before I came to the US, nor seen a fortune cookie.

  3. All our chinese restaurants use msg. Is this good or bad gordon. They seem to put it in most things to get the flavour required. What are your thoughts on msg, I doubt you use it in your cooking to be honest,

  4. Actually western countries Chinese restaurants is not traditional but not bad. If you want eat traditional food go around whole China, each province has their own special food. That’s why I’m 22 years old there’s still lots of Chinese food I have never eaten before even the some food name I don’t know.

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