Bizarre Foods S01E06 HDTV united kingdom [Full Episode]

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31 thoughts on “Bizarre Foods S01E06 HDTV united kingdom [Full Episode]”

  1. Should have stopped off in Lancashire on the way for Black Pudding, Hot Pot and Mushy peas, Goosnargh Duck, Morecambe Bay Shrimps, Eccles Cakes, Manchester Tart.. Theres a whole new Episode two here Andrew..;)

  2. Thats not Big Ben, its the Elizabeth tower. Formally Saint Stephens tower which is the bell tower for the bell named Big Ben. Named after a parliamentarian who was a bit on the large size.

  3. Strange how this is supposed to be about the UK but the intro music over the first 2 or 3 minutes seems to be IRISH music!
    Oh, and BTW, a hare is NOT a wild rabbit as he wrongly says at 21.00 or so – they are much larger with longer ears.

  4. Scotland has it's Haggis (Normally served with Neaps and Tatties but you have forgotten the Whisky Gravy)? England has Faggots, Very similar but with Liver and Lungs as well. I like mine with Mashed Potatoes, Marrowfat Peas and Thick Onion Gravy.
    I was brought up on Heart/Kidneys /Liver because we bought a Half Pig and butchered it ourselves. Making our own Burgers and Sausages. So when you were brought up affects tastes a lot.

  5. Britain food is so bald and boring, not to mention ugly and unappetizing! The time some of them take to be racist they should use that time to improve the look and taste of their food. America has fried meat but UK has scrawny boiled meat… Every meat is boiled! Ewww

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