Bizarre Foodstuff ASIA 2014

Bizarre meals from all more than Asia.


21 thoughts on “Bizarre Foodstuff ASIA 2014”

  1. Richy, Where was the night market you went to. Can you give us that address. My mum really like your videos she watches them everyday. She said to us she wish she has a son like you you are a very nice guy you smile all the time and also polite and cheerful. I have a big brother but he not like you now he 21 years old my mum said your mum very lucky to have a son like you . May i ask how old are you? What job are you doing. How do you have so much time to travel

  2. i have to commend you on your adventurous appetite…when i was in vietnam i kept my diet pretty clean.  i might take a page from your book and be a little more brave at trying new textures and tastes…the grasshopper looked pretty good!  

  3. in some video clips, i saw you eat around the clock. i just wonder how you can handle that much of food in one day ?????? in 1 video you have couple fruit shake and full table of food…….

  4. Criticism already? Damn dude you must not a life, leave the man a lone. They're having a good old time, keep the good time rolling.

  5. Dude talking on camera thinks his voice is cool and thinks hes funny. Typical cocky thinks hes big shit american-asian boy

  6. OMGOSH!!! WOW! I wanna travel and see all the crazy bizarre foods of the world. Won't eat them tho. AHHahahAHHaha! More POWER to you!!!

  7. OMG u need your own show … really cool stuff   i dont think i could eat it but amazing  stuff…an entertaining . Looking forward to more videos from your trips around the world, you just got a new sub!

  8. Man I been enjoying the vids you been posting I just keep watching cuz you actually an entertaining vlogger. Looking forward to more vids, you just got a new sub!

  9. Btw I visited ha noi and didn't really see a lot of street food… When u visited ha noi, did u see a lot of street food? I couldn't even find sugarcane juice there

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