Bizarre Meals – Asia (S01E00) [HD]

Pilot episode in Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia.
Tokyo: Getemono bar, at Asadachi (1-2-14 Nishi-Shinjuku) raw pig’s testicles, Frog sashimi, furthermore the frog’s beating coronary heart, lizard sake, at Yaki Hamna: Big snails, fugu, at Hibari sushi, raw octopus sushi.
at Suppon-Maki restaurant: Suppon (turtle soup) + drink: turtle blood with sake and turtle hearts.
Yakitori restaurant: rooster coronary heart yakitori, keel bones, rooster butts, rooster balls.
Kobe: Kobe beef.
Bangkok: at Silver Palace, bird’s nest soup with Hasma, Rambutan, grilled fresh frogs, Chiang Mai: pork sausage, fruit bat.
Penang: sambal with fish roe, belacan, fermented shrimp paste, poured tea, horseshoe crab, fish maw, durian.


24 thoughts on “Bizarre Meals – Asia (S01E00) [HD]”

  1. I really like him. he's a food critic. its what he does. don't down someone for their job. if he likes the food. that's his rite. no one jumps on y'all for liking McDonalds. enough said.

  2. i hate that guy he eats amythimg an says,it taste good his,fat ass. i wonder if he would go to africa an eat plain shit an still say. mmm i taste the shitty ness its beyond delicious the shit is cooked perfectly

  3. A big lier… or he doesn't know Japan… absolutly not 100 persons died because fugu each year. It was 50-60 years ago. actually only 2 or 3 on about 20 millions eater each year.

  4. It is interesting that if this is reporting about China eating raw frog, moving heart of the frog and pig penis, the tone of the report would be totally different. That would be filled with hate and bashing.

  5. this was my favorite show I wonder if they cancel it and someone who think other cultures r disgusting prove how childish a person can really be u eat cow pork and chicken and u think they're better then what other people eat smh idiots

  6. Does anyone else think that Andrew is on the verge of being racist. When he goes Ahhhhhhh he never does that anywhere else- he nearly goes AhhhhhhSooooo.

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