Buffet at Atlantis Resort in Reno NV

We arrived here for Thanksgiving supper. Glad we did. So quite a few selections from Mexican meals to Chinese foods to seafood food and the common Thanksgiving evening meal. Exceptional high quality. $32.99 for each particular person. We waited around an hour in line but well worth the hold out.


5 thoughts on “Buffet at Atlantis Resort in Reno NV”

  1. My favorite place to eat in Reno and the selection is great and the desert bar is above average .I prefer them over many places in Vegas but we usually fly so get cheated out of stopping there .Never paid 33 a person usually 20 ish which is a few bucks more than a Denny's meal but I like seafood

  2. Why?? In my travels across "America" at Buffets.   That it's always Obese folks as the Main Customers?   I eat well, but I'm the "right" weight for my size and height (plus, I have ONLY one plate for the main meal).

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