Cabbage &#038 Chicken Stew

Easy and delicious! This Chicken Stew is loaded with tender pieces of chicken and sweet creamy cabbage in an ultra-flavorful broth.

I feel like I say this a good deal, but some of my ideal creations have come about when my refrigerator was operating on empty. I 1st made a version of this a few weeks back when Tokyo was buried under ten inches of snow. For a town that is unwell-ready for any quantity of snow, this could as nicely have been snowmageddon. Getting lived for a number of a long time in Sapporo (a stone’s toss from Siberia), I can deal with the chilly, but with vehicles, bicycles, and people slipping and sliding all above the community it just did not seem like a very good concept to undertaking exterior.

The inspiration for this simple chicken stew came when I opened the fridge, and it was uncharacteristically vacant. There was a tiny pack of 4 rooster wings, a yellowing fifty percent head of cabbage, a dried out heel of bacon, and some cherry tomatoes and garlic cloves rolling about the base of my vacant vegetable drawer. It wasn’t significantly to work with, but I believed I could bulk up the rooster by teaming it between layers of cabbage.

Simply because there was so tiny chicken I desired to use it a lot more as a seasoning, so I began by generously salting the hen. The purpose was to swiftly remedy the wings so that their juices would baste the cabbage with flavor as they cooked. The bacon arrived as an afterthought, and I made a decision to saute it with some garlic, onions and cherry tomatoes to generate a foundation of Maillard response induced umami. This was topped off with a layer of cabbage, the hen wings, and ultimately yet another layer of cabbage.

This easy and delicious cabbage and chicken stew comes together in under 30 minutes.

Because of the way I built it, I was a small worried that it would arrive out a jumble of random elements with nothing at all tying it all together, but I established the timer and hoped for the greatest. 20 minutes later on, I opened the lid my fears evaporated along with the aromatic steam climbing from the pot. My steamed hen had turned into a cabbage and hen stew!

Although I’d added considerably less than one/2 cup of sake to the pot, the rooster, tomatoes, and cabbage unveiled some of their ultra-flavorful juices as they cooked, producing a sweet umami-filled broth. The chicken was juicy and tender thanks to the oblique heat, and the veggies were rich, creamy and comforting. It was so great and easy and that I ended up generating it a few far more instances over the ensuing weeks, which is why I decided to share this with you these days.

Though I used rooster wings originally, rooster thighs have a little bit far more compound, so I advise using them as an alternative. If you are not a thigh person, you could use breast meat, but they will almost certainly finish up dry as the cooking time for this stew will consider them nicely beyond the best temperature for white meat. I’ve also accomplished a plant-based edition of this with shiitake mushrooms which was very great as properly.

It’s essential to incorporate a bit of liquid at the commencing to get the greens to release their juices ahead of they commence burning. I employed sake the 1st time I produced this, but any flavorful liquid these kinds of as white wine, chicken stock or vegetable inventory will function. If you want to make this a lot more of a braise, you can lessen the sum of liquid to 1/four cup, although you’ll want to be watchful with the warmth so that it does not burn.


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