CAJUN Foods WITH AN ASIAN TWIST! Foods TRUCK 101 – Fung Bros Foods

Verify out the Keep It C’Asian Foods Truck!



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Shot by: Will Chang, Alex Siu
Edited by: Andres Kishimoto


32 thoughts on “CAJUN Foods WITH AN ASIAN TWIST! Foods TRUCK 101 – Fung Bros Foods”

  1. As a fellow Asian, I am wondering your definition of "Asian". There are also Central/west Asians called Middle Easterns, they do not have that East Asian look as much, they look darker with sometimes Jewish looking noses, speaking of Jews, Jews are usally called "White", but Jews are Southwest Central Asian mixed with Eastern European and Southern European, there are also Russians who look Eastern European but are indeed Asian. I myself am Jewish mixed Russian Mongolian, Southwest Central Asian, and Eastern and Southern European, with a little Native Siberian.

  2. Also, Keep the menu simple, maybe 5 main items, don't want to make it too complicated with many menu items that will bog down service time. Pumping out 5 items will be quicker than 10 items, also your inventory will be more simpler especially on a truck that has limited space. And people will be happier receiving food faster.

  3. My uncle owns and runs the Las Vegas event: The Great American Foodie Fest, which is an all weekend truck food event. You guys should go one day!!!

  4. this what i like bout the bros they bring all cultures and ethnicitys together. they dont just stay in the asian culture they have vids with latin foods,indian foods etc.they make vids for all races and bring us all together as one latino and i love the bro's vids..

  5. Hate to say it: fung bros. is stale af. Both guys are losing their hair and trying to cover it up like lebron. Also, both are 30, no girlfriends, much less kids. Face it, you're not kids anymore! You're 30 something adults! Move on!

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