Cash for Kim: North Korean Forced Laborers in Poland

VICE gained exclusive access to documents that reveal the wages of North Korean laborers in Poland before the Kim regime’s deductions.

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23 thoughts on “Cash for Kim: North Korean Forced Laborers in Poland”

  1. These developed countries,uk europe,north america,russia,saudi arabia,qatar etc bring labours from poor countries n force them to work in inhumane conditions like slaves.these fuckers will someday pay for their sins.

  2. I seen a documentary on here that said the Russian government pays the North Korean government seventy usd a year per person while also providing room and board . If my country did that I would say they support slavery. I worked at a factory with Orientals and they take bids for jobs now they said. That means you can bid below minimum wage and it's legal, I believe. It made me wonder how low them foreign Orientals bid. They would murder us for underbidding them on their jobs in their country if they could.

  3. So NATO knowingly has slaves working for them! Contracted or not this is modern day slavery by supporting it. The government has to be compliant in this! The background checks alone would reveal foreign military persons! Especially if it's already public information.

  4. The abolute LAST movie we need to send into North Korea is "The Interview". Don't send any provocative or political media, especially not a movie which mocks the Korean people. Send films like The Terminator 2, Independence Day, MIB, Armageddon, XXX, Star Wars Episode 2/3, The Matrix, The Island, hell even Spartacus (the really old one from the 1970's) should be in there to show them they can overcome their oppressors! Send movies which are completely unrelated to the Korean predicament, and just are great movies which inspire and awe the viewers. The people watching will pay attention to many things, if not following the plot they are looking at the houses the characters are living in, the food they are eating, the clothes they are wearing. Make them envy and respect us, that is how you break a corrupt government down from the inside. They don't hate us because they are evil, they hate us because they know nothing about us and think that their lives are more superior in quality. When they see that they have been lied to, they will take care of the rest.

  5. 13:58 are quite nice apartments in wroclaw but it is shocking to see they have been built by north koreans. They are not being used and currently sitting dark in the night. What a disgrace for Poland. Even slight hope in Poland is over shadowed by corruption

  6. This is BS. Propaganda to demonize the overseas workers particularly the North Korean overseas workers. Slaves do not get paid. These people get paid. Their salary is taxed by Poland, then sends the rest of their salaries (Euros) to North Korea, then North Korea taxes the salaries and exchanges them to North Korean Won and deposits the rest to the workers NK bank accounts.

    Double taxation should be the news here but instead it's "slavery". Not once have I known a slave who gets paid.

  7. A German journalist doing a hit piece on Poland even though his same country is guilty of the same thing. That being said, it's still go that this is being exposed, and it shows how little the EU authoritarian super-state actually cares about human rights.

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